Review Policy

Currently not accepting requests of any sort. Please check back later!

I love receiving and reviewing books! If you are considering me for review, please check your book/s against my policy before emailing us at charli-toanotherworld(at)outlook(dot)com

I accept

-Teen (13-17yr old) and YA (Young Adult) books, and selective children’s (8-12yr olds) books.
-Physical copies in any format
-I will accept sequels but only if I have read the other book/s in the series. If you would like us to read a sequel, please tell us so we can either say that we've read it, get it out of our local library or ask for it to be sent along with the book. 
-I accept most (see don’t accept section) genres but our favourites are Dystopia, Contemporary, Fantasy and Romance.
-Authors from anywhere around the world, as is the case with publishers, but the books must be in fluent English.
I will not accept

-Baby, toddler and 3-8yr old books.
-Heavy religious references (General mentions are fine. Religious education is one of my favourite subjects and topics.)
-Non-fiction (exception is requested by me or with a storyline)
-Self help books
-Horror (will consider if mild)
-I no longer accept self-published works for review, unless I have taken an active interest in them myself OR I have worked with the author previously.

I personally don’t mind mild cursing, or violence, but if there is, please tell me as to warn readers in review. Some of my readers are younger and/or may be offended by this.

We do not accept eBooks except from

I will consider

-Short story collections (not individual) /Anthologies
Considering requesting a review?

You can email me with requests at charli-toanotherworld(at)outlook(dot)com. I will get back to you as soon as I can. If I do not respond within 5 days, please resend your email.

If your request goes against my "will not accept" policy, I will delete your email.

Please include:

-The book’s title, author, synopsis (as normally mandatory)
-The format in which it will be sent (ARC, finished copy, proof etc).
-Is there a certain date you would like me to publish the review and/or a deadline?

I am also willing to…

-Do author interviews
-Do author guest posts
-Host giveaways/competitions
-Host a blog tour
-Participate in blog tours, cover reveals, book blitz

What to expect
My reviews normally include: summary, cover, author/publisher/series/pages/source, my thoughts and a rating. They will be completely honest and are done with (hopefully) good English, punctuation, spelling and grammar. 

I normally have a fairly fast reading speed but I am in my first GCSE year so prime reading times are July-September and the Christmas period. My average school week of reading will consist of 1-2 books.

Your book will be placed in a queue. Deadlines and ARC's take priority, but we will read and review it as soon as possible.

How I advertise

Our reviews are advertised over Twitter (@Charli_TAW). Reviews are also posted to Goodreads where applicable.


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Thank you for respecting my policy. If you would like to request, please email me at charli-toanotherworld(at)outlook(dot)com. You can view Charli on Twitter, @Charli_TAW, and on Goodreads, CharliToAnotherWorld. Please only request through email.


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