Wednesday, May 04, 2016

"what do I need" (charli attempts poetry #2)

"what do I need?"

it is so hard
when no-one can tell you
quite what you need to hear
when you need someone to just
tell you straight what
it is that you need to do

when everyone is trying
to lay off the pressure
but somewhat that is
just what you need

you feel like you're living a lie
walking through school
they all think you have it together
because you're "the smart one"
(and you have been for years)

when, actually-
everything is brimming
ready to bubble over
just like it did last november

you got that interview
you're meeting all your deadlines
but like the bag on your back
it is pushing
you down (like a stone).

they want decisions
simple ones; lunch choice?
hard ones; exams?
every. single. one.
is far too much. 

state how proud you are
of how far i've come
but take that pride
and help me with the next
my battle isn't over
those words aren't the ones
that will finally let me win

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