Sunday, July 19, 2015

Some Advice to 2012 Charli

Dear 2012 Charli,

You're about to go into Year 7 of secondary school. And you're terrified, everyone knows that; you're awful at hiding when you're scared. That's foreshadowing for other things that are going to happen, but hey ho.

Let me tell you - you're gonna go through a LOT of stuff in the next three years. Like, a lot. I know you already had a few things going on that haven't been so fab; but there's gonna be stuff. You're going to know a lot of secrets, you're going to shed a lot of tears.

The good news is that you push through it; here I am, sitting at a desk at the start of the summer holidays before I go into year 10. And I'm okay! I'm not fixed yet, but I'm on the mend, and that's all I really wanted for us.

It's going to turn out that your head isn't quite right; although I think everyone knew that that was going to happen eventually. You're going to end up seeing a lot of different people about it. Some will be great, some will be awful. A particular doctor looking at your legs will imply something that shakes you up for weeks.

This school that you're going into? Enjoy the first couple of terms; join clubs and make friends. Get your homework in on time. And for God's sake, don't get involved with THOSE girls - you'll know who I mean - because all that does is make you cry a year down the line in year 8.

At some stage, you're gonna have your heart broken a tiny bit. You're fine after a week, because you aren't someone who really cares about all that. In fact, you won't even cry over it. But, there's a little warning for you.

At this point, you expect to be at this school until you're nearly 17, grasping a piece of paper with a beautiful line of A*'s. Cling to this, for now. Your dream will pull you through until it can no longer.

Now, about-to-be-12-Charli... Let me tell you a secret. At this point, you don't care about your face, but you hate your weight. Don't worry about it. You're never gonna be particularly skinny, but eventually, you'll be comfortable with the curves you have; at least most of the time. Your face, on the other hand? 2015 Charli is working on being comfortable with that, but that's okay.

So, 2012 Charli - I'm not going to tell you where the next three years of your live lead. Because that would be a pretty hefty spoiler, right? Go experience all that. The bad, the good.

Oh, and go and try cheesecake again. Promise it'll be a good decision ;)

Much love,

2015 Charli