Sunday, February 08, 2015

She Is Not Invisible: "The Charli Effect"

I read "She Is Not Invisible" by Marcus Sedgwick last September, and I also met Marcus. He told me to find my effect - The Charli Effect. 

For those of you who don't know, SINI features two main characters, Laureth and Benjamin. As well as Laureth being blind, Benjamin breaks every electrical item he touches (in short). They affectionately call this The Benjamin Effect.

And, finally, a few months later, I have found my effect.

I bring out opinions in people; coaxingly or angrily. I talk, I rant. They listen; whether they care or not. They may agree, they may disagree. Sometimes they are indifferent.

I spark debates; leaving tension in the air. I slam people for being homophobic, racist and etcetera.

Some people don't mind, we click or they just go off feeling slightly odd. Some do mind, but that's okay.

And like Benjamin, I try to reign it in or keep it under control. But it's difficult.

To stop their opinions, I must stop mine. And being passionate and opinionated is both a blessing and a curse.

The beauty? There's always conversation to be had, and I'm never left out. I always have something to say.

Some dislike my Effect; this slight abnormality of making people feel the need to speak their words. It can be overbearing, annoying. I can get angry or overly exuberant.

But that's my Effect. What's yours?


  1. This is such a well written blog post Charli!! My Effect is definitely something to do with my introverted-ness (that's a word now:D). A lot of the time I avoid social interaction at school and I can't stand to talk to a crowd of people (worst nightmare). I'm awful at keeping up a conversation. I always end up rambling nonsensically or drawing into myself and staying silent.

    1. Thanks G! <3 I'm odd... I can talk to like 100 people, but ask me to order food or ask for help in a shop? No way.


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