Monday, January 19, 2015

Remembering Why I Do This

Recently, I've had a plague of what I like to call "those thoughts".  Just like a cold, no-one wants them, but everyone gets them.

Those thoughts refer to those that bloggers get. The ones that drag them down, telling them their blog is rubbish and pointless and is a time-waster. I have been disconnected to the community recently, which is probably why the plague decided to strike me.

I've had homework, revision and studying shoved continually at me, and finding time to blog has been more than difficult. Although if I blogged instead of watching youtube and scrolling tumblr I would probably be a blogging machine. 

So today, to hopefully pull me away from the thoughts, I want to explain why I started blogging.

I started Life Through Rose-Tinted SunGlasses in 2012, after my SAT "exams" had finished. It was an outlet, after seeing Cat in a magazine (and then she became my friend. It's like a bookish, blogger version of Dan and Phil). As most of you know, my best friend died in late 2010 and I was also bullied. Blogging got me through the last few months of primary school.

I didn't tell my mum till our birthday that year. We were in town and she said, "you know, you should blog," and I ended up telling her then. I have a feeling, now, that she knew, and was getting it out of me.

I loved RTSG. It was something for me; something that I could go to when I was lonely.

I decided to let RTSG go in 2013; a few weeks after starting TAW. I decided I didn't want to take on a co-blogger on RTSG; and I simply couldn't do both.

And so, TAW began. Straight away, I was accepted into a "group" of bloggers; the lovely Amber, Jack, Hawwa and Sophie. I also made friends with a bunch of other people, but these guys are notable, because when I went on holiday that August; I sat in bed on my phone, speaking to them on Twitter till 11 and 12pm.

One day on the bus, I was moaning to Tori that I needed a co-blogger, but I wanted to know them in real life. And so, TAW had a team of two - Tori posted sporadically and ranting every fortnight.

But another thing I want to share is this. Before starting RTSG, I had counseling. And I kept a "journal", not in the traditional sense, with exercises in it that I took from a book. Some days just scribbles of red pen, sometimes musings of no sense.

But the last page used in that journal says this. "I have a secret. I have a blog. It's called RTSG. I talk about what I want and people from random places have been reading it..." and so forth. I found this a few days ago, and it hit me because this was the last page I ever used in this book.

Blogging became my journal, my outlet. Who knew I would be where I am today with it.

And I want to thank anyone reading this, for that. Thank you.


  1. This really made me smile, and has inspired me to think about why I started blogging, because like you, I also saw Cat in Shout in 2012 and that's what made me want to blog. I'm so glad you started blogging as you've become a true friend and I'm so happy to know you xx

  2. You're awesome, Charli! I love the story of your blogging journey.


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