Monday, December 29, 2014

Tori's Top 10 of 2014

Now, this is the first time that I have done a top 10 so I found this quite hard. Also, I’ve read many amazing books this year therefore, it took me ages to ponder which ones were the best but I have managed to pick them. Let’s get started then.

 10 - Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
At number 10, I picked Clockwork Princess and I adored this book after reading the other two in the series.  It was written beautifully and although I was sobbing through most of it, this book was hilarious, exciting and amazing.

9 - Mist and Frost by Kathryn James
I chose these for number 9 because they were thrilling to read and the romance between the two characters was so cute. I read Mist in the Easter holidays and loved it but then I had to wait until I went back to school for the second and the wait was so painful.

8 - Every Day by David Levithan
At 8, here is my favourite David Levithan book, Every Day. This book was perfect and I was going to write a review for it (which is a rare occurrence, I know) but I just didn’t have any words for how much I loved it.

7 - Losing Lila by Sarah Alderson
This book is the second in the series and it was action-packed. From the first page, I was hooked and throughout the book I laughed, cried, screamed, gasped and almost through it across the room (but I didn’t because it’s a book and they need to be handled with care). It was just an incredible read.

6 - Soulmates by Holly Bourne
This is one of the cutest and most heart-breaking books you will ever read which is why I loved it. It also had a big impact on the way I perceive things which is strange and amazing that those words could have a big effect on me so it was fascinating.

5 - Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin
Surprisingly, I have reviewed Elsewhere which just shows that it is astoundingly good.  The interpretation of death is really unique and creative and the plot was exciting so I am in love with this book.

4 - Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
I have hardly any words to describe how much I love this book. The characters, the plot, the romance, the creativity. All of it was just simply perfect.

3 - The Maze Runner by James Dashner
At number 3, I chose The Maze Runner because AMAZINGNESS! There was action, romance, mystery and I just love it so much.

2 - Trouble by Non Pratt
To describe this book in two words: ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! It ticks the boxes for everything a fantastic novel needs.

And now, drumroll please…

My favourite book of 2014 had to be Eleanor and Park due to the beautiful writing, the heart-breaking ending, the amazing plot, and of course, the adorable romance.  It is impossible for me to express the amount of love I have for this book but I can say that I love it more than chocolate (which is a lot).


I have probably read more books this year than I ever have before and cannot wait until next year to read even more!

Have a happy new year and I wish everyone the best for 2015!



  1. I agree, it's really hard to do a top 10! I'm reading City of Heavenly Fire right now, hoping to end the year with a great book by my favorite author. Glad you enjoyed it! Ommigosh - I love Eleanor and Park, don't get me started!
    Great top 10! Hope you have a great New Years!
    - Cambrie @ and so the book begins

  2. I love Elsewhere so much! Such a lovely, poignant book. I wish death was really like that!


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