Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tori Talks #8: Instant Romance (Instalove)

Tori is back with yet another bookish rant! GIF'S USED ARE NOT OURS

This is a thing that I absolutely despise.

With a passion.

By instant romance (aka instalove) I mean love that happens as quick as a flash. For example, if a girl meets a boy one day and it is love at first sight then the next day they’re dating, telling each other that they love them and are kissing then it is instant romance.

Obviously I love romance in a story because it is cute and I can fangirl over a new ship and they can be my OTP and feels *cries* but that love has to blossom over time… IT CANNOT HAPPEN IN A DAY! I just love that feeling at the end of a book or series when they kiss for the first time or they FINALLY get together!

However, if that romance happens in one day, it doesn’t feel real and I won’t feel as attached to the characters or their relationship. That rarely happens in real life and if it does then it doesn’t end well. It just really annoys me to read about bad relationships and how they get together if it isn’t realistic.

Please say someone agrees with me and comment reassuring me!


  1. I hate insta-love as well. It's very unrealistic and irritating, and I don't like it when it happens in a book that I'm so excited about. Great post, Tori, and I love the GIFs :D GIFs are amazing!! Haha. Thanks for sharing this! Insta-love has been my #1 blogging pet peeve.

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

  2. I despise insta love! UGH. It's unbelivable. I do believe in love but confessing to a person after just one day of seeing them is UNREALISTIC.


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