Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tori Talks #10: Book Heights

Tori's very own feature where we let her run wild and rant! GIFS USED ARE NOT OURS.

Charli's Note: This is an interesting one, because I've spoken about this before... We are slightly too similar. 

I find different book heights to be VERY ANNOYING.

 What I ABSOLUTELY hate is when you have a lovely series with the first four books nice, standard paperback size but then the last two books are the size of a hardback.

If I could, I would get them all the same size but when the book first comes out, it is usually as big as a hardback but it is a paperback.  Or they only come out as a hardback, which I do not mind, the other books are smaller paperbacks. Can’t they be released in both sizes? 

They have to go at the end of my shelf because it looks even more horrible otherwise because it goes: same size, same size, same size, MASSIVE DIFFERENT SIZED BOOK!

Basically, I do not like different book heights.

Let us know in the comments about if this annoys you! We've both voiced this annoyance and we can't be the only two! Also... can anyone see a recurring theme in what gifs we use...?

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  1. this is how i feel about city of heavenly fire compared to the other TMI books :( very very sad :( i share your everlasting pain :()


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