Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Bookish Confessionary: Attention Spans

Welcome to The Bookish Confessionary, where I confess all my bookish sins! GIF'S USED ARE NOT OURS.  


This is one of those things that really bugs me about myself...

I either read books in two hours, or in like a month. I either have one book on the go or 20. 

I can go through 3 books in a day, or none in 3 weeks. 

And it's not even slumps! It's just attention span. 

Like why?! Why do I have this thing? Like I can be reading a PHENOMENAL BOOK and want to put it down, but I could be reading a REALLY HORRIBLE BOOK and just get through it in two hours flat?! 

 I could be in the exact same mood, it wouldn't matter, I just... I don't even know. 


Like if I knew I could only read one book at a time or I can read 4, but 3 of them will take weeks to finish, I COULD PLAN ACCORDINGLY. BUT NO. 

If I go on car journeys, it's literally the worst if my head won't focus on reading, because I have nothing to do. 

But the good news is.... sometimes in a period of 3 days, I will finish 3 books AND write a whole bunch of blog posts! 

 That's it for today! Anyone else have this trouble? Let me know! 

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