Monday, November 03, 2014

Let's Clarify a Few Things.

*sighs* *sighs some more* *blinks* *decides to stay calm*. 

I'm sitting down to write this post because some stuff has occurred in the book blogging world recently that I'm not comfortable or happy with. First, someone got stalked by an author over a bad review, and now an author has said some stuff that I'm not quite sure about.

So the latter, of course, is talking about Matt Haig. He, in short, said that the book blogging community is generic and too positive. And it was (possibly) misinterpreted that he meant we lie? I think. But yeah. Some bloggers have said they won't read him anymore, some have said they agree. Me? I have neither of those opinions. I think that yes, my 5/5 reviews can be extremely positive and sometimes evaluate no flaws. They can also be 5/5 with criticism. My 3.5/5 reviews can be overly positive and not really explain why I rated it as I did, as much as I try to.

But I feel like this is all my choice. Matt Haig honestly didn't do anything wrong, but he tackled it in the wrong way, so he is still in the post.

The former that I talked about earlier is the whole debacle with Kathleen Hale. I won't go into it too far, because I feel like everyone knows of this now. Now, this has blown over slightly, but it has left us all feeling threatened and genuinely scared. I don't think it will ever happen again, and it was an extreme case, but suddenly, I don't WANT to review books, I don't WANT to negatively review.

So in short, both of these things have made me not want to blog. And... that's not right. So let me clarify a few things about me, my blog, my reviews and a few other bits right now.
  • I am a 14 year old schoolgirl. 
  • This is my HOBBY. My favourite hobby, at that. 
  • I do this in my spare time, after all my homework and revision and chores. 
  • I don't only do this in my spare time, I spend hours and hours on end to do it. 
  • I also do it for FREE. 
  • I review honestly and do not review for free books. This does happen, but I am not one of the people who review just for the books. They are a lovely bonus that I am honoured to receive.
  • This is my sanctuary. Blogging is my safe time. 
  • Blogging is extraordinarily important to me, and it has bought me some amazing opportunities that I wouldn't give up for the world. 
  • I should not feel unsafe, threatened or unable to say my opinions. 
I will NOT let myself feel unsafe, threatened or unable to say my opinions. I refuse to feel these things. 

Authors are brilliant, lovely people and I adore them for saving me and for taking me to another world (if you didn't understand the blog name, there you go...) and for just making me happy when I am sad. I love them for all of that. But I cannot continue to feel this way, and I refuse to do so.

It makes me sad that I've had to write this post, because the majority of authors aren't stalkers and appreciate us wholeheartedly. So to end this, I want to thank the authors that do.

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