Sunday, November 02, 2014

Event Recap: James Dawson, Non Pratt and Holly Bourne

On the 30th of October, I went to an event at Waterstones Birmingham High Street to see James Dawson, Non Pratt and Holly Bourne! It was such a good event so I though I'd share it with you all. 

So I mainly went to this to see James, because I'd met Holly and Non before, but it was so lovely to see them again and see them on a panel. I'd heard that these three worked together well but I didn't expect them to be as good as they were!

I also met Michelle at the event who was absolutely lovely and her husband helped me out by taking photos of me with the authors, so thank you to them as well! :)

Anyway, the talk was hilarious and really insightful. They all talked about their new books being written and coming out soon; all of which I'm extremely excited for! As usual, Bex was an amazing host. They talked about the controversy over sex and LGBT in books, especially in terms of James' book This Book Is Gay. Non also said her favourite scene to write was the drunk scene in Trouble, which actually happens to be one of my favourite scenes in the entire book as well!

Something else they said was that they'd love to all collaborate together, so I might have to hold them to that. A Dawson/Pratt/Bourne book?! Can you even imagine how phenomenal that would be??

When it was time to meet the authors I had a couple of books signed by James, two of mine and one for my friend, and The Manifesto of How to be Interesting by Holly (my copy of Soulmates is already signed). I also got a couple of bookmarks signed by Non because my copy of Trouble is also signed! It was so nice to talk to them all and they were definitely some of the loveliest authors I've ever met. 

Thanks to James, Non and Holly, as well as everyone at Waterstones, for organising yet another amazing YA event! 

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