Friday, November 28, 2014

Discussion: Youtubers Writing Books

 Today we're discussing famous YouTubers writing books and getting book deals. This is a special discussion because we're having this as an actual conversation. Purple is Charli, blue is Tori. 

 To quickly disclaim: We both absolutely adore these YouTubers and are so excited about them! This is just to discuss the matter of how they have come about.

So, quite a few youtubers have told us about them having books out in the future or have had them out recently.

Like Zoella, Alfie (PointlessBlog), Tanya Burr, Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig.

Yeah. So to first talk about Alfie, the first of the British Crew to have his book physically out. The Pointless Book has been in the charts for weeks and has been very successful. I think this is great but I feel like it's only gotten into the book charts because Alfie is such a popular Youtuber.

To be honest, Alfie's book is quite a lot like Wreck This Journal and although it has personal touches and the app, it feels like a bit of a rip-off.

Yeah. Coming onto the matter of Zoella, she was approached to write the book and didn't have to write the book first to get the deal like all other authors. As much as I think this is great; it kind of annoys me as an aspiring author that she didn't have to find the publisher and agent etc.

True. I love the idea of our favourite YouTubers releasing books because they are awesome people, but I'm not sure if writing is for them.

That's something we can find out in time. I also think the fact that they are approached, like Zoe, means they are just looking towards their audiences.

Hannah Hart's book, My Drunk Kitchen, is good, because it's based off her YouTube feature. I don't really watch her but it's a good idea.

Definitely. It's like I want them all to write books but sometimes it's all off views.

If there's anyone I want to write a book, it would be Tyler, Troye, Dan and Phil.


So there you have it! This is so hard to word because we are so excited about these books but we were trying to explain our frustrations about it too.


  1. I love this post because it's been on my mind a lot recently. Good on them but it is annoying how little hard work they had with contacting publishers, like they were offered what many of dream of just because they youtube and because they vlog isn't to say they can automatically write. Ya know?

  2. THANK YOU. IT'S NOT JUST ME YAYYYY! I completely agree with this. No matter how much I realise that they have worked extremely hard to get to a level where publishers approach me, it still annoys me slighty how easy it is made for them. A lot of Youtubers have never even thought of writing a book, and because of their popularity, they instantly get sales- it doesn't have to be an amazing book, to be honest.. I just feel that for an author who works tirelessly ever day to acheive their dream it must be quite annoying... Ah well, what can we do? Great discussion! :D

  3. I don't think it's much different from traditional TV personalities putting out books. Look at how many reality TV stars have books -- the Duggars, Snooki, etc. -- or anyone who has ever been on Food Network launching a cookbook. The more a person diversifies their media presence, the more money they make. The risk, unfortunately, is that they either over saturate the market or dilute their brand with an iffy product.

  4. I like how you picked up on Alfie's book and how it is basically Wreck this Journal with Alfie's name on it. I too picked up on this and thought it was totally wrong. I know publishers (and people in general) want to try push for younger people to read, and so, because youtubers have a young audience, have got them to write books to get them reading. It's clever but there's still part of me who that doesn't like the idea of how it's handed to them straight off...
    Great post guys! :) x


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