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Charli Reviews: Every Second Counts

The heart-stopping sequel to Split Second. Nat and Charlie are on the run, and in more danger than ever...

Nowhere is safe for Charlie and Nat. They have each other, but Roman Riley's networks could reach them at any time. Charlie believes the only option is to go undercover in Riley's team, and sneaks away from Nat to pursue her plan alone. Nat is desperate to find Charlie, but his family are in danger and Riley is coming ever closer. Even if Nat and Charlie can find each other again, could being together be even more dangerous than being apart..?

Author: Sophie McKenzie
Series: Every Second Counts #2
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Date of Publication: July 31st 2014
Pages: 256
Source: For review via NetGalley
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I received a free copy of this book from S&S via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review. This does not affect my review/opinions in any way. Thank you S&S and NetGalley!

Let me take a moment to collect my thoughts on this. This is the sequel to Split Second, which I read with Georgia last year and absolutely adored. So it was only natural that I would also love the sequel. I was nervous, in case I didn't, but of course, I did.

Now, if you know me, I am a massive Sophie McKenzie fan. I have an entire shelf for her, and fangirl when she has new books out. So every time she brings out a sequel, I'm always a tad nervous in case it isn't as good. Every time, she proves me wrong.

Every Second Counts picks up where Split Second leaves off; with Charlie and Nat in hiding and wanted for terrorism. Instantly, McKenzie makes the mood dark and ominous, and introduces the characters again. There was also a quick feeling of adrenaline and the action was quickly built up.

It's an extremely unpredictable book with an extraordinarily complex plot. But amongst all of this is the amazing romance between Nat and Charlie, built up gradually since Split Second. I absolutely adore the two together, and without spoiling the ending, I love the idea of the two of them together. The romance also just brings a light edge to the book.

Again without spoilers, I loved the ending, as well. I felt like there could have been more to it, but it was definitely needed after the complexity of the rest of the book. When I read this, I felt like I was there and it physically wore me out reading it, if that makes sense. I adore it when books can do this. 

As you can tell, I loved this book wholeheartedly and I feel like McKenzie's writing only strengthens every time she writes a book.

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