Friday, November 21, 2014

101 Things Charli Loves...

I was tagged to do this by the amazing Amber! I've been feeling a bit low recently so I hope typing all the things I love will help me to reflect. See the bottom to see who I tag!

  1. Fandom t-shirts, hoodies, wristbands. I now have quite a bit of merch which is awesome and I never want to wear anything else. 
  2. Stationary. 
  3. Blogging. 
  4. Books. 
  5. History. I find it so interesting and I love looking back on what has happened before me. 
  6. The smell of both brand new and old books. 
  7. Kyra and Tori! 
  8. All my blogger friends
  9. Scouting. I've been in the movement for 4 years now, which is crazy. I've done some amazing things there including conquering a fear! 
  10. Camp fires! 
  11. Photography. 
  12. Sitting in the school canteen. That sounds weird but sitting at the tables eating pizza and cake has some memories for me and it's oddly satisfying. It also tends to be funny! 
  13. Waterstones Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield! I could spend my life in these two shops, okay? 
  14. Book club meetings
  15. YouTube
  16. Brand new sharpened pencils
  17. Unused rubbers
  18. Libraries! 
  19. Giving away books
  20. Posters
  21. Binge reading and watching the Harry Potters books and films
  22. Music
  23. Sticking stuff on my walls
  24. Getting post! 
  25. Pizza
  26. Nail polish 
  27. Tumblr 
  28. The Apprentice! They're all so annoying this time... They always are... But I still watch it. 
  29. Recommending books to people
  30. My family (obviously). 
  31. Skittles
  32. Chocolate fingers
  33. Sitting on the benches outside with a bunch of people from various forms at lunchtimes
  34. My dad coming to see me
  35. Quotes. Gotta love a good quote. 
  36. Films
  37. My fleecy purple spotty pyjama bottoms! 
  38. Art! No matter how bad at it I am 
  39. Making people laugh
  40. Crossing books off my to-review list. I always feel like I've accomplished something then. 
  41. Ticking off homework in my planner! Similar feeling. 
  42. Ordering my own food and drink. This is another odd one but I've never been able to do it in restaurants, coffee shops etc so I've been trying to recently... With interesting results...
  43. Bagels with cream cheese
  44. PicMonkey
  45. Pillows! 
  46. Meeting authors. Before 2014 I'd met one, maybe two, but this year I've met about 14 or so, which is amazing.
  47. Sending parcels! I love sending parcels with what I've told them I'm sending them, then lots of little things like postcards, bookmarks and sweets :D 
  48. Debating with people, whether on a given topic or just in general
  49. Nail polish. I barely ever paint my nails, but I have around 50 polishes? 
  50. Sharpies. I have 25. 
  51. Sticky notes!
  52. Lying on my bed. It's under a slanted roof, so I can just look out of it up at the clouds which is nice sometimes
  53. Wearing odd socks
  54. Jacket potatoes with beans and cheese. A favourite since I was a baby
  55. Big, oversized hoodies.
  56. Costa lemonade in the summer!
  57. Youth club. I've been going for 4 years. I used to play table tennis and draw, and even though now me and a couple of the others just sit and talk and listen to music, I love it a lot. 
  58. Writing. I'm trying to start writing more again recently and it's going okay. 
  59. Chocolate before the siblings go to bed
  60. Shipping. Need I say more? 
  61. Pretty covers and spines! Especially ones for series with a theme that look amazing shelved, like Stephanie Perkins' Anna books. 
  62. Pencil cases
  63. Forests. I hate the walking aspect, but I love the trees and the freedom. 
  64. Sarcasm
  65. Going back to old bookish reads 
  66. Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, All Time Low, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, My Chemical Romance
  67. Having things to look forward to, like the Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens concert in April and going to France in July. (Both with Tori and Kyra)
  68. Lindt chocolate and After Eights at Christmas
  69. Inside jokes (ones that aren't offensive to people outside the joke, anyway). 
  70. Seeing people stick up for others. 
  71. Finding people IN REAL LIFE in the same fandom/s as you. 
  72. Non-Pupil days where I can go out with my friends and just have that extra day of not worrying
  73. Those teachers that just UNDERSTAND who you are, and what you need from them. 
  74. Friends who just accept you and love you for all your quirks. 
  75. Buying and putting up new posters! I love rearranging my walls which I just did this week and I love it. 
  76. Seeing my GoodReads challenge percentage creep up. 
  77. Planning new blog stuff with Tori
  78. Irony 
  79. Puns and other plays on words. I tend to be the only one who gets them in films and I look like an idiot. 
  80. Finally understanding something that I didn't before! Like stuff in maths. 
  81. Watching DVD's on my own
  82. Earphones; just plugging them in and shutting everything out. 
  83. Finishing an exercise book and starting a new one
  84. Curly fries!
  85. Moments when you have a big realisation. 
  86. Hot chocolate. 
  87. Sniffing candles. Okay, this is a new one... I hate candles and being around them, but we spent like 40mins in a shop the other day smelling them. We're odd. 
  88. TRXYE
  89.  My camera! It's probably my most prized possession
  90. Hugs! I hug everyone. When it's appropriate. 
  91. Feeling like I've helped someone
  92. Crossaints in the morning
  93. Getting a piece of work back that I was really happy with and getting a good mark/grade
  94. When I randomly get into a mood where I can read 3 books in 3 days. I've begun to coin it a reading rush". 
  95. People liking the blog and telling me so! 
  96. When I have a positive mood for once in a practical lesson 
  97. Going to get chocolate before school 
  98. Postcards! 
  99. Handmaking cards
  100. Cheesecake :D 
  101. Feeling infinite. 

 You may notice a lot of those were food or bookish things. I'm predictable, okay? 

 I tag Tori who will be doing it tomorrow, and anyone else who wants to do it because I know we are doing this late!

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