Monday, October 06, 2014


Heyyy, guys... 

So. You may have noticed that we haven't posted since the 27th. *winces*. 

I was meant to write this to go up on the 2nd, and I didn't. 

But yes! We are hiatus-ing. (Hiatus-ing? On hiatus.)

We're a month into Year 9 and we have a lot of work (not as much as y11, obviously, but we're adjusting). We meant to get October scheduled in September, but it didn't happen. 

As well as this, there's personal stuff going on for me and I'm struggling with it a bit, so, I just want a break. 

We're going to try and schedule up November this month, at least a bit, if not all of it. 

There will be a couple of posts up this month, though, or at least one (a blog tour). 

We'll see you in November, and DFTBA. 

Charli and Tori x