Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tori Talks #7: Cliche

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I cannot stand cliché plots or characters at all.

Urgh. I hate them.

To me, a cliché plot is a shy, quiet girl meets a boy who happens to be really fit and hot and her life turns around when she meets him. She then becomes confident and goes off to save the world and she falls in love with the boy and they live happily ever after. Tada. So original. Can we not have some variety?

Another cliché plot is when someone (it is mostly a girl but can sometimes be a boy) has just done or saw something life changing about a new magical place or a big event and they meet two people. There is a love triangle and the main protagonist cannot choose between them blah blah. Something happens to one of them so they choose the other one.  The whole plot is centred around this love triangle. It is wrote about so often and it is just SO ANNOYING!

Now, there are cliché plots but there are also cliché characters too. There is a girl who is shy and insecure and hates her parents for some reason but her parents are really nice and she is just a brat who has a ‘tragic life’ apparently. She has fair hair and is really pretty but she doesn’t think that she is. They meet a boy and their tragic life melts away. They are usually really creative and good at art or music or writing. Some cliché characters may only be a bit like this but I guarantee everyone knows one character like this. Urgh…

Overall, clichés are just so horrible and blah and I just hate them. Please tell me if you agree in the comments.

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  1. Those are the worst, but sometimes you still find yourself needing something terrible to read and need a good cry. I typically keep those separate from blog.

    Amelia @ YA Bookologists


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