Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tori Talks #6: Dragging Out Series

Tori's very own feature in which she rants about stuff that bugs her in the bookish world. GIF's used do not belong to us.  

I absolutely love series way more than stand-alone books, whether they be trilogies or seven books. However, one thing I hate is when they’re dragged out over loads of books.  The pace is slow and it is really boring until something big happens at the end of the series. Why can’t it just be one really good book instead of three really boring books?

I find that trilogies are more dragged out than longer series, for example, the Divergent series. I absolutely LOVED the first book because it was so action packed and I was so eager to read the next one, Insurgent but I hated it. Absolutely nothing good happened and I didn’t finish it because it was just too boring. About six months later I decided to attempt to read it again. It was still bad and I still disliked it but the end got a tiny bit better so I wanted to read the last book, Allegiant. I recently read this and the first half was kind of slow paced but the second half was AMAZING!!!Although the first book and second half of the last book was okay, the trilogy was dragged out and I think that it would have been better as two books instead of three so the smallest of thing didn’t have to be explained in such detail.

There are also some long series that would have been fine finishing at three books instead of six, such as The Mortal Instruments series.   This is one of my FAVOURITE series ever! However, it has six books that could have stopped after the events of the third book. Obviously I loved the fact that there were more but I don’t think that it was absolutely necessary.

Basically, I don’t like dragged out series. Comment and tell me what your opinion is!


  1. Hey Charli, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Sorry if you have already done it but yeah HI!!

  2. I agree. Sometimes I feel like series are being made just because they're the trend right now. But I feel like publishers should be selective with them. By publishing these series that drag out and disappoint the reader, they're only putting readers off of other series. While I'm like you, and generally like reading series over standalones, I do find that lately I'm sort of put off by them just because I find myself bored or disappointed by so many. It sucks :(

    1. Yeah, it makes me sad :( I mean some series are great but so many series could be a less amount of books than they are.



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