Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Bookish Confessionary: Fluff is Everything

Welcome to The Bookish Confessionary, the place I confess all my bookish sins! GIF's used do not belong to me.
I'm one of those girls who doesn't really date, or flirt or anything like that. I can't be bothered and I'm too much of an introvert. But. Romance in fiction? EVERYTHING.

I loveee romantic books. I love reading about cute relationships and their love and everything.

I'm a massive shipper. I. SHIP. EVERYTHING. From Everlark and Fourtris, to Viola and Orsino in Twelfth Night, to Troyler and Jamber.

Shipping gives me ALL. THE FEELS.

When I read Between the Lives at camp, I had massive feel attacks and I was actually squealing and stuff whilst the boys were playing cards. A few wanted to know what was happening and a couple (including our leader) were commentating on it as if I was a bird, like "And here we observe the greater spotted Charli having a fangirl attack...". Yep.

But yes. I love romance in fiction. When it's written well, I absolutely love it.

Why have romance in reality when you can read about so many relationships in books? Romance is dead in real life anyway.

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