Saturday, September 06, 2014

Discussion: "Green-Lit"

Today's discussion is about Greenlit. GAH- This could turn into a quite ranty discussion on Charli's side. 

I HATE THIS TERM. I love John Green. I absolutely adore the man. I've read all of his books and I have loved all of them. 


It's called contemporary. It has been being written for years. Okay? OKAY. 

He isn't the first to have written a contemporary about girls going missing, or roadtrips, or terminal illness, or gay people, or romance. 

It's not as if he has coined the term himself, which makes me slightly sane, but STILL. People. I think it's great that John Green has got a bunch of people reading who don't - I've seen it firsthand - but there are so many other books like that. 

It's not as if we call Fantasy, I don't know, Tolkien-Lit or Rowling-Lit.

So no. Charli no likey the term. I love him. But NO. It's just wrong.

Well, personally I don’t like this. I know that the John Green books are amazing, and people are inspired by them but John Green is an author who writes books that are in the contemporary genre, not a genre. Some people are saying that the books of authors like Rainbow Rowell (author of Fangirl, Eleanor and Park, Landline and Attatchments) and E.Lockhart (author of We Were Liars) are in the John Green genre. This makes me a bit angry, because they are very different. Rainbow Rowell and John Green write books that are in the same genre but are completely different. Different plot, different setting, different characters, different everything except the genre! John is, in my opinion, one of the most successful authors recently and many many people love his books but his books are contemporary just like loads of others in that genre so the genre is contemporary, not John Green. That’s just like saying all books about magic are in the J.K Rowling genre, not fantasy. Basically, I think that this whole John Green genre is stupid.

What's your opinion on this controversy? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. BAHHHHHH! I've never seen this term before but I'm really frustrated by the fact it even exists. Why would you name a genre after an author? You can say they *pioneered* it, but do name it after the author. We don't call Classics Aristotle lit. UUUUGHGGGHHHH this is so frustrating.

    Amelia @ YA Bookologists (


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