Monday, August 11, 2014

When That Reread Just Isn't the Same

Last summer, I devoured and loved the Summer series by Jenny Han (The Summer I Turned Pretty, It's Not Summer Without You and We'll Always Have Summer). Because of how much I loved them, I decided to kick off my summer reading with a reread, reading them all in the first weekend of the holidays.

Now, I didn't suddenly hate them or anything, obviously. But I just didn't love them as much as I did. 

I read them just as quickly, but there were subtle differences:
  • I shipped the other ship (I couldn't actually remember who she ended up with, so it wasn't that I auto-shipped the one that became canon)
  • I actually didn't like the protagonist very much and found her annoying and needy, and I just kept thinking "FFS THEY'RE BROTHERS PICK ONE DAMMIT"
  • By the time I was reading the third one, I just wanted to finish it and get on with other books. 
This makes me sad, really, because now my stance on those books is different. Whereas before I would recommend them to people, now I'm sort of like "well... they're okay...".

I'm definitely going to read To All the Boys I've Loved Before, because that sounds like it would be my type of book, and after all, I did love the Summer Books originally.

I think rereading is a tricky thing. The only books I've reread since I started book blogging have been these, the Harry Potter books, Undone by Cat Clarke and Love at Second Sight by Cathy Hopkins. The latter three I loved just as much if not more. 

But you never know if your love will be rekindled or burnt by rereading, do you, really? A lot of the time bloggers (and readers in general) don't have much time to reread because of their everlasting TBR's, so when you reread you do it because you loved the book, right? Or in prep for reading a sequel, sometimes, I guess (but if you're reading a sequel you tend to have liked the first one). 

What's your stance on rereading? How often do you reread?


  1. I re-read these books every summer and I never love them any less, but I think I was like you and started to ship the other ship... I've read them all 4 times now and I think I alternate who I ship every time I read them. :'D That's such a shame that you don't love them as much now! :( I re-read a lot; I think I might actually re-read more than I read...if that makes sense :P xx

  2. I don't reread often, but that's primarily because I'm a slow-reader to begin with and so if I can only read fifty books a year I often want to keep catching up with new releases that are being published instead of going back to books I've already read. Of course, there are exceptions. I have reread the first two books of Chaos Walking series and am currently rereading the third. And luckily for me, this rereads been a good experience. It's been so long since I've read the series that I don't really remember much so it's almost like reading it again for the first time - and I love it! But you know, it is to be expected that we won't always like the books the same (or more) than we did before. What we like and dislike changes as we read more and experience life, so we respond things to differently at different times. It does suck though when you remember something well and suddenly... don't love it. But hey, at least you can now give a more well-rounded view of the book to others. You can say you loved it for these reasons, but not for these. Nothing wrong with that :P


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