Saturday, August 09, 2014

Tori Talks #5: Character Names

Tori Talks is a bi-weekly feature in which she rants about something bookish (and sometimes not!) that bugs her. Warning: Tori Talks is never meant to offend anyone; it is personal opinion only.

Yes, this is a weird one… I just get a bit annoyed at weird character names…
When I am reading, I pay a lot of attention to the characters actions, moves and names. Some books have ordinary names like Harry, Isabelle or Beatrice which are names that you would hear in real life and are quite common which is okay, sure they aren't the most creative, but they are normal. I don’t mind creative names, maybe one or two (like Hermione!) but when all of your characters are called Phoenix, River, Jonas and Arizona, then it's going a bit too far. If it is supposed to be a book set in a modern day (normal) world then maybe some can have creative names because some people actually do have really nice, out of the ordinary names, but not EVERYONE IS CALLED A MYTHICAL BIRDS NAME!

Although, I like weird names in fantasy, for a wizard or something and I don’t mind it for aliens, or a monster either. For example, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is an amazing name because he is a great wizard therefore he has to have a cool, long, weird name!

Also, when a characters name means something like ‘strength’ or ‘warrior’ or something like that, I hate it. A character is not defined by its name! Unless it is some tradition that parents have to name their kids Latin names that means something because something big happens in the book to do with it, then why should their name actually matter?

One of the things that annoys me the most is when you are talking to someone about a character and you pronounce their name but then someone else pronounces it differently. It is confusing! For example, I pronounce Clary, from The Mortal Instruments, like Clah-ree whereas some people pronounce it Clare-ee. In addition to this, I have heard Plutarch, from The Hunger Games, being pronounced Plu-tark or Plu-tar-ch or Plu-tar. Why not be called John or Will?

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  1. Great post, Tori! I love unusual names - particularly as I have one myself! - but when books are filled with strange names and the genre isn't fantasy or they're just not given a reasonable explanation, it's more difficult to connect with the characters. Authors should take note!


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