Friday, August 29, 2014

Currently Charli Is... #1


I'm ploughing my way through my summer Gifted and Talented book of the year scheme books right now, so I just recently finished We Were Liars, and I'm now reading Witch Finder. Witch Finder is really good! I wasn't so keen on WWL, though.


Great British Bake Off, of course! Apart from that, I'm not watching much TV.

Confession time: My friends have been obsessed with YouTubers for ages, but I never really got into it. Um, in the last week and a half, I have watched about 300 videos. I ship Troyler like the Titanic. I am listening to TRXYE every second I'm not watching videos. Yep.

Listening to... 

TRXYE!!! :D I love it so much. All of the songs on it are beautiful. Besides that, I'm just listening to some random playlists I've made for reading, blogging and the summer.


The final week of my summer before I go back to a life of school! I'm just reading, blogging and watching A LOT of YouTube. I'm also loving Tumblr! I just got an account again and I love it. If you're into Troyler and books, go follow me.


Watching my brother grow and thrive. He's about to be 9 months old, and he's learning everything at once! In the last 2 months, he's learnt to crawl, pull himself up, get up the stairs. He took to eating really fast a while back, and his teeth are coming through! I love watching him smile and his eyes light up.


  1. Everyone seems to be reading "We Were Liars" at the moment. Is it any good?

    High Five to the Bake Off! Except I watch the Irish version; the GIBO.... you know being Irish and all...

    Marian ^_^

    1. I didn't like it that much, actually....... *awkward face*



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