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Charli Reviews: Unstoppable

Rosie has managed to wangle spending the summer before uni in the same house as her boyfriend Cal – but who else should also be staying except for the infamous man-eater, Cleo.

Things between Cal and Rosie could never have been described as easy, but her growing jealousy seems like an unstoppable force. Can their love weather the storm?

Author: Liz Bankes
Publisher: Piccadilly Press
Date of Publication: July 2014
Pages: 224
Source: Review Copy from the publisher
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I received a free copy of this book from Piccadilly Press in exchange for a honest review. This does not affect my review/opinions in any way. Thank you Piccadilly Press! 

I read this in one sitting; it had an interesting plotline and I liked the characters. Although it didn't blow my mind, it was a light contemporary that kicked away my slump, with a few serious elements as well as humour.

I honestly thought this would be quite cliche when I read the blurb and started it; but it actually wasn't. Yes, it did have elements which were a bit predictable; but it also had ones that made me gasp, laugh and cringe.

In terms of the characters, I did find them likeable, and most of them had intriguing backgrounds. The protagonist, Rosie, was funny and was formed by Bankes really well. However, I wasn't really keen on Cal (Rosie's boyfriend). Out of personal opinion, he seemed annoying and not right for Rosie.

Like I said, this book wasn't eye-opening or anuthing, but it didn't need to be.  It's a contemporary with a little more substance than most, which was enough to hook me into the story. I also really liked the writing style. Bankes has a clear-cut voice that makes it fun to read.

Overall, I did really enjoy this. It was funny, romantic and had some plot-twists that I loved.

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  1. This sounds overly cliche but sometimes you need to try cliche. Substance is always important though it looks like a beach read.


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