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Event Recap: YALC!!

On Saturday, I went to a thing. That thing... was YALC. (I'm sorry there are so few pictures, I didn't take a camera :( )

At 4:42am, I woke up. I was meant to be awake at 5am, but excitement.

At 6:50am, I got on a train from Birmingham New Street to London Euston. I was going to read, but across from us was an American woman who started chatting to us... A FANGIRL! Which was pretty awesome. She talked to us (this "us" is my mum and I, by the way) all the way there.

When we got THERE, we got on two tubes, one from Euston to Kings Cross (just one stop) then Kings Cross to... EARL'S COURT! And literally everyone got off the tube and started walking, so we followed the crowd. And suddenly, it was there. Yeah, you couldn't miss it.

Then there was QUEUEING. Confusing queueing! And we met some more fangirls, and saw some AWESOME cosplay. And Lucy Saxon walked past me and I started flailing.

Then we were in. I found the Book Zone and YALC, got my panel tickets and signed up for a workshop. After I raided the hugeeee freebie table and got a bunch of swag! I walked with my mum round some of the publishers and flailing.

AND THEN I MET DEBBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Faye and Jim and Stacey and Caitlin and Daphne and we saw NON PRATT ASDFGHJKL. And I selfied with Debbie.

Also, the book wall behind us! It was epic :D

I got books from Jim and Debbie, but more on that later.

So then I met up with Sabrina and Georgia, before going to the first panel: The End of the World As We Know It, with Sarah Crossan (SQUEEEE), Patrick Ness, Malorie Blackman and James Smyth. Malorie welcomed us all to YALC with a speech in Klingon (then translated into English), before the panel started.

They talked about dystopia as a genre, and dystopias they read at our age. For both Sarah and Malorie, it was 1984. Patrick, however, said that really, it was any book that had a divided society, rules you must follow and knowing every day that the world could end.

Sarah said that all the dystopias she has read are based on fear. Patrick then said that all of his books are based on fear... but one is a dystopia, one not, and that genre is decided after the book is written.

I left a little early when people were asking questions so I could get in the queue to meet Sarah! And this is when I met Sophie (AHHHHH!!!!). We got our books signed, and Sarah knew who I was from Twitter!!! I talked to her for a couple of minutes before going over to my mum to squeal. A lot.

At this point I went and bought some books and things because nothing was happening. Then I met Lucy! asdfghjkl.

Because I didn't feel very well, I decided to take 20mins away from it all and not go to the "Superfans Unite" panel. I'm kinda sad about it, because it was apparently awesome, but it did mean I could chill down and rehydrate. Then I got in line for Rainbow Rowell an hour early, which I am glad about, because it meant in the same block of time I could also meet Lucy Saxon and Andy Robb (who is HILARIOUS, and also knew who I was)

After this, I went to check if I had a place in the blogging workshop. I didn't, which was sad, but I didn't dwell on it! I just decided to meet Patrick Ness instead! (well, I had a caramel shortbread first).

Patrick was really nice. I told him I was only part way through the book, and he opened it at my bookmark, read where I was and told me that was a good bit, just to tease me. (I read some more on the train home. It was a good bit.)

This took me up to about quarter to four, so I went and sat with the beanbags again (because they were ultra comfy, not going to lie) and my mum. I drank some more, because I hadn't all day. At all.

I then went to line up for Holly Bourne. I wanted to fit in Holly and Natasha Ngan in that time, so I got there early. I was second in the queue, which was nice and easy. Holly was lovely!

Then I met Natasha!!!!!!! ASDFGHJKL! I hugged her (twice, because why not) and we talked about her books, and Callum. (He was there and I saw them together and they are so cute together, ahhhhh! So my OTP.) I am so excited to read TMK, it isn't out for another three months which makes it super exciting.

That was the end of my day. After a baguette (which I was distraught about. Ham and cheese, right?! It had MAYO on it. I could sue them for that. it said nothing about mayo.) and a cookie, we got back on the train home.


Between buying books and receiving books, I got quite the haul. My TBR is now out of control and I am on a book-buying-and-requesting ban until further notice...

Thank you to Jim and Debbie!
I also picked up a lot of swag. Some of it I picked up multiples, so I will be doing a giveaway soon...

I always used to have a HATE for tote bags, but I now love them! Picked up one from Hot Key and Books with Bite, as well as a Fangirl one.

Lastly, I picked up a couple of posters. One is of the Half Bad cover, and the other is this from We Were Liars (which I am yet to read, but am super excited for!)

If you have read to this point, I absolutely applaud you.

Do you remember my post about my worries? I shouldn't have had them. Everyone was LOVELY <3 

Thank you to everyone at YALC, those who made it happen, interesting people in queues, Malorie Blackman, all the authors, all the bloggers, my mother, Debbie and Jim for books... everyone! It was an absolutely amazing experience and I hope it happens again next year (just in a different venue. Without LFCC. Too hot and quite overwhelming!)


  1. CRYING. I knew you'd have an awesome time but dude, really, did you have to make me get tears on the keyboard. -_-

    What's the TFiOS thing? I can't tell if it's a book or a poster :P And OMG GIVEAWAY. No one's doing YALC giveaways, or at least I haven't seen any, which sucks. Also, THE MEMORY KEEPERS. OMG. GIVE IT A HUG ON MY BEHALF PLEASE.

    I'm glad you had a good time and that your worries didn't make an appearance. YALC had better happen next year. :P

  2. WOW I AM DYING ON THIS INSIDE BECAUSE YOU'VE JUST DESCRIBED THE BEST DAY EVER OMG! IM GLAD YOU HAD FUN! So many great bloggers, books and authors. Nice stack, great photography. Thanks for the recap.

    - Sunny @ A Sunny Spot Blog

  3. Yaaaay! Love this recap! It really was a brilliant weekend, wasn't it?x

  4. So amazing to meet you, Charli! I'm really sorry I didn't get to talk to you for longer, but I'm sure we'll meet again some other time; it has to happen!

    Glad you had such a great weekend!

  5. JEALOUSSSSSSSSSSSS! I'm so glad you had such a good time. And you picked up soooo much cool stuff! Anyway I've been told I can come next year if they do YALC again so hopefully I'll finally meet you!
    Amber wanted you to hug TMK, please hug that Fangirl bag for me :)
    Holly xx

  6. It sounds like you had an absolutely fantastic time meeting fellow bloggers and awesome authors! I am totally jealous of your experiences and your very impressive, signed, book haul. *crosses fingers for next year*

  7. YALC sounded absolutely amazing and I am ridiculously jealous that I couldn't go! I'm so glad you had a great time!

  8. I need to go to YALC now, you make it sound positively BRILLIANT!!!!

  9. Hey Charli, Can I please use your photo of the WE WERE LIARS poster on our Twitter account? All best, Sara from Hot Key.

  10. Hey Charli, Can I please use your photo of the WE WERE LIARS poster on our Twitter account? All best, Sara from Hot Key.

  11. Hey Charli, Can I please use your photo of the WE WERE LIARS poster on our Twitter account? All best, Sara from Hot Key. (It won't let me post with my Wordpress account right now for some reason.)


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