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Blogoversary Day 5: Other Worlds

Today is the final day of celebrations and we are welcoming Fionnuala, Ruby, Georgia (a different one!) and Sunny to talk about other worlds they would like to visit/live in! 

(I picked this topic because we are called To Another World and it seemed to fit. SO yay!)

Ruby (Feed Me Books Now)

Fionnuala (Books for Birds)

Now this seems really long, but it is AMAZING. So don't skip over it!!

Take a seat, dear. That’s it, try not to touch anything or fidget.

Please confirm that you are 15 years or above.


You will now be directed to the home screen…

Welcome to the IDI, the Interactive Dimension Institute – you are now of legal age to be shown our world. Or at least the two dimensions that make up our world. We do apologize for the way you were brought to this institute, but our location is neutral ground and as of present you are not permitted to know where we are situated.

Over the past week you have heard ghastly tales of war, and scientific experiments gone wrongs, tales that we; your government, have kept from you until you reached and agreeable age, to protect you, you understand.

Now you know the truth, well, part of it - for the past 15 years you have been in a rehabilitation unit – what you recognize as ‘boarding school’ - to raise you to become pure citizens. Citizens that are now the building blocks for our future, your shoulders will bear the responsibility of succeeding where our ancestors did not, but more on that later.

For now, you will be introduced into our world.

Our world is comprised of two dimensions.

The first, Queen Nada’s dimension, called Charity, admirably, is allocated to the Privileged and their family, this dimension also contains the living quarters for most of our military, and other ‘high rise’ people. It’s a quiet dimension.

The second, Queen Adela’s ‘realm’, is dedicated to the factory workers, and other unwanted populace, such as the diseased and unsuccessful mutations. This second dimension has not earned a name but the locals call it----****10087664 error.

Each dimension has its own queen, but they are merely figureheads, puppets if you will, for the public eye.

As you are our future, you are being permitted access to information that no one else is privy to. So we will give you due warning if you release any of the data that has been revealed to you, the consequences will be severe.

With the invention of a device, the Radiohead, we can now place you into a realistic simulation of each dimension. We do this because once you have achieved your qualifications for your career; you will be moved into one of these dimensions, and we would of course want you to be prepared.
There will be no relative danger. You are as safe as possible.
A pair of headphones have been placed in your lap, please put them on now; they are your Radiohead connection.
An entrance screen will pop up shortly.

If you would like to visit Charity, please press the button for Session A.
If you would like to visit ----****10087664 error, please press the button for Session B.

You are in a fruit market. The sun lightly heats your face, you squint your eyes against it, moving under the shade of the apple stall. Feeling in your back pocket you pull out some change and buy two apples, slipping one into your satchel you bite into the other. It’s a red one. You notice what you’re wearing, a standard issue, and rumpled, light blue shirt paired with beige jeans which are tucked into heavy duty brown boots. You stroll along the cobbled path eating your RED apple, when a child bumps into you. She was in a hurry. You kneel down and pat her curls; you see the scared look in her eyes. She grips your shirt, “Please save me from the monsters” she mutters, looking over her shoulder as two men----****34895747 error. Looking over her shoulder as another child, this time a boy, most likely her brother, runs round the corner. She laughs and runs away as her chases after her, making roaring noises. People around you smile at the children before turning back to their lives. You toss the apple core in a drain and continue down the street. It is lined with cream houses, which look like fairytale cottages without the thatched roof. As you’re walking a friend stops you, you shake hands and hug, and then you produce your second apple and give it to your friend. You hug again, before waving them off and continuing on your way. You reach a central courtyard, with a fountain in the middle. And in the middle of the fountain there’s a bronze statue or a rather regal looking woman, bearing a crown of golden vines upon her head. Mesmerized, you step closer, to get a better look, when something large soars over head and shadows the surrounding area. You look up to catch a glimpse but the object, or animal, is gone before you can make it out. ERROR. ERROR. ERROR. It was in fact an animal, a raven, that belongs to one of the nearby residents that HaD gOtTeN fReE oF iTs CaGE------SIMULATION ERROR. HOSTILE ACTIVITY. Shaking the animal from your thoughts you carry on, heading towards the military barracks, where you now reside. The sun that had earlier warmed your face is now slowly sinking from the sky, turning a dark BLOOD rEd. Scanning in your badge, a solid steel door, the entrance to the barracks, slides open. You walk down the right corridor and dump your satchel on your bunk, before heading to the mess hall for dinner. As you get closer the smell of roasted potatoes, and poached fish, wafts around you. You inhale it.  You sit down to a hearty meal with your roommate and other friends before going to bed.

Thank-you for being such a delightful host, please leave this cubicle as you would wish to find it. Staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have for the next five minutes, after that you will not be permitted to ask any more questions until your next appointment at IDI. Enjoy your day.


You’re in a back street, most likely an alley. It’s dark, possibly nighttime. A sharp stink pierces your nostrils. The narrow strip of pavement in front of you is strewn with rubbish, and something that looks suspiciously like a body. Behind you is a brick wall, dead end. You pick your way along, stepping over the body like lump, emerging into a larger street. This one is more active, people are walking about, and there’s a few shacks slumped against the wall. There’s strange smells coming from everywhere and everyone. You look down and see that you’re covered in some discernible liquid; it weighs down your clothes. You’ve lost weight, so your clothes hand off your frame as they drip. You hug the wall to your left; a sudden fatigue has overtaken your body. People shoot you looks but say nothing, as though this is a common occurrence. Suddenly the world turns and you find yourself lying on the street, you can finally see the sky. Through mounds of iron works above you; a single star lights up the darkness. You can feel like life slowly slipping out of you, you’re happy----****34895747 error. SIMULATION ERROR. HOSTILE ACTIVITY. ERROR OVERIDED. You’re alone, desolate, abandoned. Why, you ask yourself, why would they do this to me, leave me to die? A light shines into your eyes. Someone’s touching your face. You try to call out, but you’ve lost the usage of your mouth. Someone lifts you. You’re being carried somewhere. Laid on a table. Someone’s cutting at your clothes. A hot water bottle is placed under your head. Someone closes your eyes. The heat radiates from the back of your head, warming your fingers and toes. You feel loads better, when a round of coughs hits you. You slide off the table. One hand grips it, steadying you. Someone grips your shoulders and helps you stand up. You open your eyes, clear your throat. There are several people in the room. Most of them are rather filthy. The person still holding your shoulders is a formidable looking woman, middle aged. “Easy dear, you’ll be shaky in your feet for a while,” she tells you. Smiling. She reminds you of the matrons who took care of you at the school. She helps you to a chair, the rest of the people in the room have gravitated towards her, it’s obvious she is some type of leader. She’s still smiling confidently at you, she----****34895747 error. SIMULATION ERROR. HOSTILE ACTIVITY. SIMULATION ERROR. TROJAN DESTROYED HOSTILITY. SIMULATION REINSTATED. Her smile grows, at first you think nothing of it, but as her smile gets bigger and bigger you see her teeth. They’re wicked sharp and silver, her eyes are glowing a strange grey. She begins advancing on you. Everyone in the room has changed similarly. As she raises her hands you see that the hands that had just minutes before been holding your shoulders were now mutated into skeletal claws. Someone else gets to you before she does, and tears your shoulder open. Blood flows down your shoulder and you scream, you try to get away. Capture is inevitable, you close your eyes and----****34895747 error. SIMULATION ERROR. HOSTILE ACTIVITY. ERROR OVERIDED. You close your eyes for a moment before re-opening and backing away, feeling around the shelves behind you for an object you can use as a weapon. Tucked behind a stack of books you pushed away there’s a gun----****34895747 error. SIMULATION ERROR. HOSTILE ACTIVITY. SIMULATION ERROR. TROJAN DESTROYED HOSTILITY. SIMULATION REINSTATED.


We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties at the moment. Please leave this cubicle as you would wish to find it. Staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have for the next five minutes, after that you will not be permitted to ask any more questions until your next appointment at IDI. Enjoy your day.


     I.        Nada is female name with its roots in Slovakia, and means “hope”.
   II.        Charity, also a female name, is French and means “hope” as well, from the Old French charitie meaning Christian love, based on the Latin cantos Charity is held up in the New Testament (I Corinthians 13) as the greatest of the three Christian virtues, with Faith and Hope.
  III.        Adela, again, another female name – in Czech, English, Polish, Spanish and Romanian, Adela means “noble” derived from Germanic adal. But Old English adela means “dirt; filth; filthy place.” Make of that what you will.
 IV.        The name of the second dimension which the IDI program censors was officially Astyrian, but as that name has long been forgotten, the dimension was given a nickname ‘cradle of filth’. You may recognize that cradle of filth is also the name of a metal band (don’t quote me, I found this via research) and thought it fitted aptly.
   V.        Astyrian, from Old English astyrian, meaning “to stir up, excite.” This, unlike the above points, doesn’t really have any relation to the story or plot, I just found it whilst researching and thought it sounded cool…
 VI.        Nada and Adela are not the queen’s birth names; they were given to them on their fifteenth birthdays when they took up the so called throne.
VII.        Nada’s original birth name was Daelah. Inspired by Old English adaelan, meaning “to divide, separate, part.” An invented name for a female character who, for some reason, separated herself from friends/family.
VIII.        Adela’s original birth name was Eldorgwynna, Wynna for short. Invented name for a female “adversary; deadly enemy.” Inspired by Old English ealforgewinna.

Anytime I start a story I can’t help but get thrown into the world, there’s so much that I’ve already created inside my own head, plots and scandals and all that, that most likely will never get written down, but hopefully those few points up there gave you a small view into what I’ve got going on with this story. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY CHARLI AND TORI, YAAAAY! :D ~ Fionnuala xx

Georgia (The Books Bandit)

This is all from the book Georgia is writing, and I think it will be an amazing book! These are maps she is using and the blurb from the book.

Click to enlarge all. 

After the atomic war that had sent the world back into the dark ages, only one town has survived without all of life’s problems. Annabeth Lakewood is sixteen and goes to Maytree School For The Genius, and is about to graduate into the Army. Only one problem, she doesn’t want to. But soon, Annabeth finds out the truth about those who have graduated from the school and everyone else who lives inside New Maytree. Scared, lost, betrayed Annabeth soon meets Peter Adams, a new boy at the school. Soon, Annabeth finds out the truth about herself and runs away from New Maytree with Peter. And there is another problem; she is being hunted by the most evilest person on the planet. Annabeth has to choose: Love or Death? Good or Bad? Tranquillity or Rebel?

Sunny (A Sunny Spot)

I'd like to live in a fictional world that belongs to all of my favourite fictional characters. Working at the bakery would be Peeta, in the library would be Will and Tessa. Books would be free and every weekend there would be festivals on the streets. No character would die because fictional deaths are cruel (cough John Green and Veronica Roth).

Where would you like to live or visit? Let me know in the comments!

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