Sunday, June 08, 2014

What We're Anticipating About TFiOS!


With the movie FINALLY releasing in 12 days, we're utterly utterly excited. I (Charli) have been waiting for this for over a year and a half, before it was even announced, and Tori has for quite a while too! We're super excited for all of it, but here's some certain things. 


1. ANSELLLLL <3 <3 <3 <3 Ansel is probably the first ever actor I have properly been "in love" with. I loveeee Tom Felton, but Ansel is just perfection. He actually read the book! And cried! And and and his acting and he's gorgeous omg omg I cannot make words I just ahhh. He's perfection.


 These are just a few, but there are so so many I am looking forward to. The grenade scene, the "I am in love with you" scene... OKAY? OKAY... everythingggg!!!

Literally, I haven't read it in a year and a half (rereading this week ahhhhhhh) but I can quote most of it. Tori is on the edge of not seeing it with me, because with the trailers I kept speaking along.

3. The songs! You never know which from a soundtrack will ACTUALLY be in the movie, but we know Ed Sheeran's song, "All of the Stars", will be the end credit song. I hope "Boom Clap" and "Not About Angels" are in there too.

Another thing WOULD have been John's cameo role, but they cut it, so I'll have to wait for the DVD for that *umimpressed emoji*. THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS ASDFGHJKL but I'll hand over to Tori now!


1. I’m looking forward to seeing the ending. Even though it’s sad (I will not say anymore if there are people who haven’t read it yet), I really want to see if they do the ending justice. That was probably the part in the book that I liked the best, not because of the actual ending, but because of the way it was written and I want to see chapter 21 *cries* actually acted out. I will probably cry… A lot… 

2. Ansel!!! I really look forward to seeing Ansel have a main part. Although he was in Divergent, he didn’t have a big part and we didn’t get to see him a lot whereas because he is cast as Gus, he will have a massive part so Charli and I can look at him through most of the film (Charli's Note: *COUGH* you mean I can look at him. He is mine.) 
3. The Support Group at the beginning! I can’t wait to see when Hazel and Gus meet, when we see Isaac for the first time, Patrick and the ‘I fear oblivion’ bit!  Asdfghjkl  *cries * *fangirls* *dies*

So there you have it! What we're particularly anticipating in TFiOS! Tell us in the comments what you're looking forward to! 

Okay? Okay.

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  1. I think the parts of the film that I'm anticipating the most are a) The music - I love Birdy, Grouplove and Ed Sheeran so I can't wait to hear their music within the film. b) Everything that's in Amsterdam, I just can't wait to see how it has worked in the film!!! xx


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