Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tori Talks #4: Book Covers

Everyone's favourite co-blogger, Tori, rants fortnightly about all those little annoying things in the bookish world.

Charli's Note: THIS. THIS. THIS. Read on folks! 

In case you assumed from the title that I am ranting about book covers, I’m not. I’m ranting about book covers with movie titles on and movie covers.

I absolutely love book covers; whether they be creative and colourful, like Amber by Julie Sykes, or simple and effective, like Trouble by Non Pratt. When going out to shop for books, I like to look at covers, and usually I think ‘this is an alright cover and the book looks good as well’, but sometimes there are movie stickers on the front… I understand that if the book is becoming a film then you want to advertise it, but is it really necessary to ruin a cover and put a sticker on it saying ,‘Soon to be a major motion picture! Coming to cinemas August 2014’. Also, sometimes it ruins the effect of the cover, for example, on the Hunger Games cover, it is a very effective picture of the Mockingjay pin and I love it, except it has a sticker on…

I dislike most movie covers. This is mainly because I prefer the original cover and in some book shops, they stop selling the original book cover when the movie cover comes out. It is really annoying when you want the series with the same style of covers but the first book has a movie cover on and it just doesn’t look right! One of my biggest problems with movie covers is that they don’t look good. I don’t feel like I have to pick it up and see what it is because the cover looks rubbish. 

However, there is one exception and that is The Fault in Our Stars. Obviously I love the original cover but the movie cover looks amazing and I love it. Although I would have the original cover if I owned it, why not have the movie cover as well? 

Please let me know down in the comments what your opinion is and please suggest more topics for Tori Talks!

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