Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tori Talks #3: Mistreating Books

Everyone's favourite co-blogger, Tori, rants fortnightly about all those little annoying things in the bookish world.

Charli's Note: So this Tori Talks is just perfect. Over to Tori!

This is the ultimate bookish sin. If you mistreat one of my books then:

One of the things I ABSOLUTELY hate is dog-earring! Why can you not get a bookmark or even a piece of paper to put in to keep your page? Why do you have to damage the poor pages? It is totally unacceptable is someone is lending you their book and then you do it… If you do that then I will not even acknowledge your presence any more.

 Another thing I hate is when people break the spine. I can’t stand this… Why do you feel the need to break the spine of books? They should be treated with respect and decency! If a book will not open properly without me opening it as I like, I will literally read it with the book half closed, just so I don’t break the spine. Also, if you break the spine in one of my books, it looks horrible on my shelf! I have nice, neat books with perfect spines and it’s very pretty… UNTIL YOU GET TO THE BOOK WITH A BROKEN SPINE BECAUSE THEN IT LOOKS UGLY! I cannot stand it.

 Finally, one of the biggest sins EVER is getting food on books. I take books out of my school library regularly and most of the books there are damaged and have food on. If it’s your own book then I wouldn’t be as bothered because it is your own property but OTHER PEOPLE READ LIBRARY BOOKS YOU KNOW!?!?!? And why would you even have food near a book anyways?  These people just frustrate me…

Do you agree with me or am I just picky? Please leave a comment down below!


  1. I used to dog-ear my books all the time! It was my favourite way of bookmarking, because I always felt that an almost destroyed book was a well-read one, which showed just how much it was loved! I don't dog-ear any more, though, because my brother told me off for it, even though he has never so much as picked up a book in his entire life. Now, I just use whatever's at hand- which can range from prescription boxes to ribbons, haha.

  2. I totally agree with the food thing, one time I lent my friend a book and it came back with tea stains. Needless to say I wasn't very impressed and refused to ever lend her any books ever again. -_-

  3. I'm commenting on your post because I wrote a similar post this week confessing that I do ALL OF THESE THINGS. I never do them to other people's books, of course, but I'm pretty casual with my books. I thought it was awesome that Oh The Books put our links right next to each other on their Weekly Recap today! I suspect more people are like you and treat their books well (at least, those within the book blogging community). I'm well aware that my personal bookish habits are rather socially unacceptable :)


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