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Reasons to Read: Trouble by Non Pratt

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For those of you who don't know us/ Follow Charli on Twitter/ Live on Mars, Tori and I absolutely LOVED Trouble by Non Pratt. You can read Charli's review here.

Tori: You should read Trouble because it is funny and serious at the same time. You can find quotes like,
'Lola isn't eating her beans. They're green, so you can't blame her. Baked wouldn't be a problem.' and them you have quotes like,
'I want people to think Hannah before they think pregnant.'

Charli: YES! And I love the dual perspective, because it totally shows both sides of the story, especially Aaron's later themes and when Hannah reveals the real father of the baby.

Tori: It doesn't just focus on the whole pregnancy issue, it looks at love, being a teenager, loss and grief, and growing up. Being a teenager is very hard but being a teenager who is pregnant, I'm guessing, is much harder. Adding to that, being a teenager moving to another school and being the father of a child who isn't yours is probably hard. The book looks at that and makes it realistic.

Charli: Definitely; and there is a definite sharp sense of reality to it. There aren't cliches; Pratt definitely doesn't beat around the bush and it's just presented as the world is. A lot of YA, though open, is still quite cliched and doesn't shamelessly talk about the topics that Trouble does. 

Tori: The characters are written perfectly! Hannah starts off as being obsessed with sex, a big gossip, and really bitchy but she develops into a strong, confident person and starts to mature when she starts to properly realise the responsibility of having a child. Aaron is kind, caring, and a very complex character. He had troubles in the past but wants to have a fresh start so he moves to a new school and decides to be the fake father of Hannah's baby which just proves how amazingly kind and caring he is. Also, I liked how the book included characters like Fletch because yes, teenage boys are like that.

Charli: Trouble has those characters that you really relate to, or really connect with, and in some cases want to slap (*cough* Hannah at the start *cough*). I adore Aaron and Pratt has formed him absolutely perfectly. 

Tori: You should read Trouble because the book is as amazing as the cover and I was literally flapping my arms all over the place, gasping, squealing and having many feels! 

Charli: Absolutely seconded and I couldn't have said it better myself. 

So those are our reasons why you should read Trouble! Do you like these posts? Discussion-type reasons to read a book? Let us know in the comments and we might do more :)

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