Monday, May 19, 2014

Discussion: Judging Books by Their Covers

Today, Tori is at my house, so we thought we'd do a discussion where we're actually talking not just a paragraph.

Charli: So... I'm mildly guilty with this.

Tori: I'm majorly guilty with this. I wasn't going to read The Infernal Devices due to the cover, but it's one of my favourite series.

Charli: I only do it a little bit. I try not to but have to on NetGalley because you can't go through every one reading the synopsis. I think I most do this in the school library because there are a lot of older books and I automatically discount these for their covers looking kinda oldish.

Tori: Yep. I do that as well... I prefer bright, eye-catchy covers but yet I'm not keen on them being tacky.

Charli: Ironically I'm not keen on covers with girls on looking all pretty in dystopia/fantasy/war situations, it's not natural. Even though I have lots of books I have adored with covers like these...

Tori: I don't like covers with people on them because you can't imagine them as well and just imagine them as they are on the cover.

Charli: I'm the same. Though sometimes it works really well. I really like the cover of Trouble, even though we wouldn't take it out of the house, it's simple but effective.

Tori: I also like the cover of Trouble. It's cool but there's that whole thing that it had to stay at home. And David Levithan's are amazing *AHHHH*

Charli: I loveeee them too asdfghjkl and John Green's ahhh not just TFiOS with the clouds but all of them with the same fonts and everything and asdfghjkl

So that was our completely normal, average discussion there. Comment what you think on this topic!

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