Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tori Talks #1: Fake Fans

Everyone's favourite co-blogger, Tori, rants fortnightly about all those little annoying things in the bookish world.
Charli's Note: This is NOT meant to offend anyone, none of Tori's rants are. This is a feature kind of like The Bookish Confessionary, but for Tori to rant about something in the bookish world! We have no problem with people watching a film having not read the book, this is just aimed at those who start... well, Tori will explain in her post. Over to you, Tori.

For my first ‘Tori Talks’ I have picked fake fans as my topic, because of the release of Divergent in cinemas last week and the upcoming The Fault in Our Stars movie.
 I went to see Divergent on Friday with Charli, as you may know, and we both loved it! Sure they missed parts out and changed bits that were in the book but, overall it was great. (Charli’s Note: Reviews to come!) However, people who haven’t read the books have been to see it and are now claiming that they are the biggest fans of Divergent. This REALLY annoys me because I am screaming in my head:

I’m not saying that going to see a film and not reading the books first is bad, even though I personally don’t like to do it, I’m saying that just claiming that you are the biggest fan of it without reading the books is bad. I find people all these people who have watched it are saying things such as ‘OMG THEO JAMES IS SO FIT AND HE’S NOW MY HUSBAND’, annoy me to death. They have just watched the best film ever and no; they don’t comment on the way the characters were portrayed, they comment on how fit the actors are. Don’t get me wrong, sure the actors are very fit (*cough* Theo and Ansel *cough*) but at least say how good the film is first! (Charli’s Note: Tori, you can have Theo. Ansel is MINE. He has been for months. But moving on.)

So basically I hate fake fans.

Please let me know in the comments if you agree or if you think I'm being too hard on people...

So there we have it! The first "Tori Talks" post. Leave a comment and tell us what you think! 


  1. Oh My Gosh! TORRIIII! They annoy me so freakin' much! Urgghh.. Great post, by the way! :D

    1. Thank you! Me too I'm so glad someone else feels the same!

      - Tori

  2. Ahaha i love this post. Especially the gifs and I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN *re-enacts the first gif* can't wait for more of these. :)

  3. I don't think 'fake fans' is the right term. I don't think their opinions on the film or the physical appearance of these characters is at all 'fake' I'm pretty sure those feelings are strong and genuine but maybe 'shallow' is a better term for them.

    1. We think that fake is the way to respond to a certain type of these fans, saying they love the series etc but we get what you mean as well! :)

  4. I seroioursly love the gif when the lady trowing a book at a guy .I like to watch the film before reading the book (speical do not have time to read it).and aggre with Clover.


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