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The Bookish Confessionary: I Never Cry

A feature here at TAW, The Bookish Confessionary. Confessing all my bookish sins! It will be posted fortnightly, on a Wednesday, and I will use something I never have before- GIFs!

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It's true.

I don't.

Some people read, say, TFiOS, or Allegiant, and are all like...

But I don't.

I do what I call "hypothetical crying".

Like, crying my head? It sounds really weird but I just... Don't. I sit there like, whimpering, sometimes, but I don't shed a tear. With Allegiant and TFiOS that is. Oh, and Defy The Stars by Sophie McKenzie. *flappy hands*

Some REALLY EMOTIONAL BOOKS can make me not react at all, and I'll just be there like...

(I say meh a lot, too. Just ask Tori. So this GIF is pretty cool. Plus, angry birds. So yeah.)

I don't know WHY. Maybe I'm just a REALLY HEARTLESS PERSON. Probably not.

Am I literally the only person who NEVER CRIES at a book? I mean, I fangirl, loads (Tori won't be seen with me in the street at the moment because I keep fangirling at the Divergent bus posters...) but I just never cry! Not even at the ends of Divergent, TFiOS or when Dobby died!

So let me know in the comments! 

Make me feel better! Am I heartless? 

How often do books make you cry?

Charli x


  1. I can really relate to this post because I can't seem to shed proper tears in sad books. They make me feel sad and empty and I get a lump in my throat. Sometimes I'll shed 1-2 tears or my eyes will water, which I have done in TFIOS, Clockwork Princess and Allegiant. But never have I full on cried except for in Butterfly Summer, it was the most I'd ever cried in my life. Great Post!

    1. Totally; I can feel ALL THE FEELS and yet I won't cry!

      Thanks Sunny! <3

  2. I used to be the same, but then I started crying at books OCCASIONALLY. Hardly ever. But occasionally. I don't know if that's me changing as a person or me reading better, relatable and more emotional books. I did cry a lot at Far From You by Tess Sharpe... :P

    I love The Bookish Confessionary! This feature is definitely my favourite in the whole blogosphere. Great post! :)

    1. See, I just don't! I always feel so heartless! But I just can't! FFY is a prime example; I loved it, and it was so emotional, but I COULD. NOT. CRY.

      Thank you SO much, Amber! <3

  3. YES! Another non-crying person!
    I've never cried at a book, I mean I did the *flappy hands* thing with TFiOS and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows but I just don't cry at books and that's just the way it is.

    Holly x

    1. Hehe! EXACTLY. *flappy hands* ftw!

      Thanks Holly!

  4. I didn't cry during TFiOS either!

    There have only been three occasions I've cried whilst reading… but, in my defence, I've read about 1000 books in my lifetime and 3 is only a tiny fraction of that amount. I cried at Sirius Black's death – I think that's because all of Harry's parental figures had now left him. I cried at the end of Out of the Easy simply because Josie's life was so tough. And then I cried at the end of Wuthering Heights because the whole novel was so overwhelming and the writing was just SO beautiful it made me sob endlessly. :/

    I think it varies from person to person. I'm not really a person who will cry in everyday life, so it makes sense that I rarely cry whilst reading – even if I'm dying inside. :')

    1. WOW. Only 3? Like I say, I NEVER cry, but for a usually non-cryer, that's impressive.

      Thanks Ruby!

  5. Me Too when read sad story just say it sad but do not cry i like the 'meh' GIF.

  6. I cried when I TFiOS, i was on the train actually and once I got to the last chapter I had to put my kindle down for a bit and just cry a bit. But usually if a book upsets me I stop reading for a bit to regain my compare, lie on my bed for ages and stare at the ceiling haha.

    1. I *nearly* did but didn't... Definitely think I will in the movie, though! Thank you for commenting <3


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