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The Bookish Confessionary: Amber on Reading the Book First

 Today I decided to mix TBC up a bit and have asked Amber to guest post on one of her unpopular bookish opinions. She has picked reading the book first, and I can't agree more. 

The Mile Long Bookshelf, Amber on Twitter @MileLongBookS


As you may have noticed, the world is divided into two sets of people: those who think everyone should read the book before the film, and those who think it doesn't matter. I went to the Divergent movie premiere the other day and there were people behind me who hadn't read the book, and overhearing them say that was irritating, so you can probably guess which group I fall into.

Personally, I think you need to read the book before the film because book-to-film adaptations can be quite confusing without having read the book as they're usually aimed at the readers. If you've read the book before the film then:

If you haven't?

Charli's note: LITTLE JOSH!!!!

After reading this post, if you decide to continue to ignore books and to just see their big screen adaptations instead, I cannot be responsible for my actions...


Thank you ever so much to Amber for writing this for me! I think we can all agree it was entertaining ;)


  1. Though I agree for most of the book to movie adaptations, I have to say that sometimes it's better to see the movie first and then read the book... that way you can appreciate the movie in itself without being annoyed at all the things the missed or got wrong from the book!

  2. Great guest post Amber :) Personally, I would agree with you about 99.9% of the time on this. I think reading the book before the film means that you have some background knowledge on what you're watching and you can understand what's happening a lot better.
    However. The one time I wouldn't agree with this is because of something that happened to me. I went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 having seen only the 1st two films and without reading any of the books. That film started my Harry Potter obsession and when I later read the books I saw it as learning extra information and I could then also be critical on what I'd watched. xx

  3. I couldn't disagree more. I think it doesn't matter; in fact, I prefer seeing a movie first. A lot of books (especially fantasy and historical) are very complicated for teenagers to read - if we watch it first, we'll understand it better, and we know how to picture the characters.

    When I started reading A Game of Thrones, I was so lost. I couldn't follow and keep up with the plot. So I watched the first season, re-read the book, and I loved it! It became my favorite book very quickly. If I didn't see the show first, I would keep struggling with it and I probably wouldn't enjoy it that much.

    Another reason why I prefer seeing the movie (or show) first is because I can't be disappointed. Movies are almost always brilliant if you watch them first - the book can only be better, whereas if you read the book first, you end up being disappointed with the movie.

    Anyway, I don't think it should matter. Reading a book is very special and it shouldn't matter whether you've seen the movie or not. Everyone should just decide what's right for them, no matter what others think. :)

    BRILLIANT guest post!

    Ivana @ BookishTeens


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