Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Epic Recs: April

"A few months ago, Judith and I started up an impromptu book club called Epic Recs. The aim of this was to force each other to read books that we have previously loved. You know, because Judith is a self proclaimed book pusher, and I just like forcing people to do things. It was a bit troubling when I hated Shatter Me, and I thought our friendship was over for good, but other than that it has been a great experience. Some of you showed a lot of enthusiasm for this book club of ours, and we had a few requests to open it up to our readers. And that is precisely what we’re doing!" - Amber @ Books of Amber

So, Fi and I haven't done this since December for varying reasons, the primary one being that THE STUPID POST OFFICE didn't deliver my Dec Rec till like half-way through February, and it took me February to read. But, we are back!

I read The Book Thief for the last rec, and I posted a Consider Yourself Quoted of it a few days ago. I absolutely loved it and I couldn't stop reading. I read it all of the time that I could.

So for this month, Fi has recommended Monument 14 to me, and I have recommended If You Find Me to her! I love the look of M14, and a few bloggers I love have adored it, so hopefully I will to! 

Charli :)


  1. Let me know your thoughts on Monument 14, Charli! I'm reluctant to read it but actually want to, if that makes sense? Yay! Hope you enjoy it!

    1. That makes perfect sense! Will do! Thanks Lucy <3


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