Saturday, April 05, 2014

Divergent Week: A Bunch of Tasks!

As part of Divergent Week, I am the leader of Erudite! So, I am going to tackle some of the tasks... 

Why do I love Divergent? 

I was introduced to Divergent about a year and a half ago, by various people. I read it, and I adored it.

But it's more than that to me...

I have had a tough time the last couple of years. And Divergent and TFiOS have given me a hope in life. For society, for life, for me. And you know, that's the more emotional side of it, because I love it for everything that it is, the plot, the characters, FOUR <3, and just all the tiny details.

What did I learn from Divergent? Don't let fear get in the way of your dreams.

"Fear doesn't shut you down, it wakes you up." 

What am I looking forward to in the movie? 

WELL. Everything! So much. The trailer at first looked a bit meh, but then the second one came out and all the stills and everything and just BAM. I desperately want to see it (well, I have before the film was even a thought!). Hopefully Tori and I are going next week. But yeah. 

  • OK, so, Theo James. Because, Theo James. 
  • Cake! 
  • The jump, the trains, the tests, all of that stuff
  • Tattoos!
  • The kiss scene! 
BUT. There are going to faults. No Uriah.

And all the stupid pansycakes who go to see it who haven't read it and then are all like "OMG I LOVE FOUR AHHHH" GRRRR.

Rant over.

OK, those are my two tasks done! Go Erudite! :) 

 Charli x 

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