Sunday, April 06, 2014

Consider Yourself Quoted: The Book Thief

    I'm very driven in my reading by the beautiful writing, and I always loved a good quote! So, if I don't want or need to review a book, I'm going to share it in one of these posts...

I absolutely adored it. Everything about it. The storyline, the detail, the little drawings and poems and added bits, but particularly, the narration. I found it gorgeous, intriguing, insightful.

And I promise I didn't read it under the desk in chem ok

OK, so, it took me ages to whittle these quotes down. I had marked up about sixty! I couldn't get it to just 5, but I managed eight, so here you go... 

"Personally, I like a chocolate-coloured sky. 
Dark, dark chocolate. 
People say it suits me. I do, however, try to enjoy 
every colour I see- the whole spectrum."

"I will often catch an eclipse when a human dies. 
I've seen millions of them. 
I've seen more eclipses than I care to remember."

"They fall on top of each other. The scribbled signature 
black, onto the blinding global white, onto the 
thick soupy red." 

"More than anything, it was the smell of
friendship... She would sniff her arm and smile
as the water coded around her..."

"A single word leaned against the girl. To their 
left, flames and burning books were
cheered like heroes."

"To live. 
Living was living. 
The price was guilt, and shame."

"...saw the tin-can planes. I watched their stomachs
open and drop the bombs casually out. They were 
off-target, of course. They often were."

"I can promise you that the world is a factory. 
The sun stirs it, the humans rule it. 
And I remain. I carry them away."

If you haven't read this yet... Please do... I cannot recommend it enough.

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