Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tori Is Joining TAW

I'm so excited to announce my friend Tori joining the blog! We'll be both vlogging and posting, and hopefully it'll go well :)

This is us.

And we're co-blogging!

Over to Tori to introduce herself. 

 Hi everyone! I am 13 years (and 2 days) old. I am a Potterhead, Tribute, Shadowhunter, Demigod, Initiate and Youngblood. My favourite authors (not including my fandoms) are Kathryn James, Carrie Jones, Cat Patrick, Helen Douglas, John Green and Stephen Chbosky. My favourite subjects at school are Maths and ICT. I am a Scout with Charli and I go to Debating with Charli and I do Library Shift with Charli (can you see a pattern here?) My Instagram account is @torilouxo so please follow me but don't be a stalker! 

Charli and Tori

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Charli and Tori