Wednesday, January 15, 2014

World Book Day: Writes of Passage!

Today, I'm going to talk about Writes of Passage, a Teen/YA vote for books that have become a part of us. 

I love the pun in the name of this!! It's such a unique name!

So... What is it and how do YOU vote?

The vote finishes on FRIDAY 17TH JANUARY. So make sure to do it before then. 

So you go here first...

And you press "I am a teen" (or, you know, if you're an adult, "I am an adult". But for this post, I'm following the teen route) and you should get here...

And then there are various categories to select from, such as "Make you laugh", "Teach you about love", "Thrill you" etc.

I've voted for about 6 books in total including The Fault in Our Stars, Girl Missing, Divergent, The Hunger Games, Noughts and Crosses and Gone.

To show you how, I'm going to nominate another book!

So you select which category you're nominating that book for, then the name of the book and author. You can nominate as many as you like by clicking "add another book" before pressing "finish".

Then you should come to another screen (it has the same URL though, don't panic!)

Then you put in your basic details.

And THEN, you can enter your email (if you want to) to WIN THE TOP 50 NOMINATED BOOKS! YES, 50 BOOKS!

This should  be the final screen you come to, and you're done!

So, how easy is that?! So go and nominate your most favourite books before FRIDAY, and have the chance to win FIFTY books!


*This post was NOT sponsored in any way, I was sent a press release and have taken own initiative.

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