Friday, January 10, 2014

Discussion: How Do You Decide What To Read?

Today, I've decided to talk about how people decide what to read next. Most book bloggers (and people in general!) have a TBR (To Be Read) pile, or even wardrobe *cough* Georgia *cough*

This is my TBR list as of 4/1/13. I update it, and highlight books

 Personally, I keep note, and a Excel sheet, of my TBR, and delete the row of information when I've read it. I keep note of the urgency, too. 


It's not that simple, of course. I might not feel like one of my review books, or I'll buy or borrow a book I just have to read right then.

So how do I choose which book to read? Personally, I kind of look at the books I have to read, and choose two or three I will read at once. One will be an eBook (for review), one for review and probably one library/own book. This is because I can only have my tablet for about an hour a day to read eBooks, and it gives me some to switch around with, but not too many that I forget about them!

I try to read my review books first, of course, but sometimes you're just not in the mood for that book. SO. Instead of reading it out of the mood, and reviewing in badly because of this, I read what I'm in the mood for.

At the time of writing this (4/1/13), I'm reading three books, a review eBook, a buddy read library book (Buddy reads are GREAT for the TBR, because you only have to read 5 or so chapters a day... This means you can be reading another couple of books and because in buddy reads you have discussions, you'll review better!) and one of my own books.

I was going to read a read a physical review book, but honestly, I'm not in the mood for them at the moment!

So. How do you decide what to read next? Is it by when you acquired it for review? Is it by your mood? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Brilliant disucssion post, Charli! Usually I don't have a problem deciding what to read as I usually go for the review book that has the highest priority, or I'll have a book on my TBR pile that I'm dying to read. But if I have no revew books and I'm equally excited for the unread books, I'll ask on Twitter :)

    Excel is a good way to keep track of books! I keep a list of mine on Goodreads. :)

    1. Thanks Zoe! I try to read review books first but it doesn't always work :) GR sounds like a good way too!

  2. I love your blog! It's so fab! Would you mind following me via GFC and blog lovin'? Ill give you a cookie!

  3. I sometimes plan what to read but mostly at the end of the day I read what I feel like. I like your idea of organizing it on Excel. Great Post!

    1. Yeah, I try to read review books first and foremost but I always read what I want in the end! Thanks Sunny!

  4. Oh WOW, that is SUCH an organised system, doing it on Excel! I genuinely just pick something up from my shelf (I have one shelf of books that are either new, need review ,or that I just really want to read). I reorganise it every now and again - I really want to find a new system, actually, but what I'm trying to do is request less books so that I have less I want to read and can therefore read books that I've bought and want to read for myself and not review, too!
    Also, I'm trying to read only one book at a time, because I used to read seven or eight and I just never finished them...this post was great, thank you :D

    1. It isn't really because I don't update it as much as I should!! That sounds a good enough system; I don't have enough shelving to do that but I would!! I read about 3 at a time!

      Thanks so much Orli!

  5. I make a shortlisted pile of different types of books, usually a mixture of review/books bought myself in a particular genre. Like, recently I've been in the mood for contemporary so will grab a stack of appropriate YA. I prioritise UKYA.


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