Thursday, December 05, 2013

Things I Would Have Done Differently At The Start

So. It's been nearly 5 months, and I'm starting to get into it properly, now. Today I was thinking about things I would have done differently at the start of my book bloggy life (not bloggy life, because RTSG was a completely different kettle of fish). 


I wasn't too bad with this, requesting too many or anything, but I found that I requested stuff I wouldn't be able to get with my experience, and although you don't take it personally, it does knock you. Also, I became a little too eager with NetGalley...


At first, I didn't THINK about scheduling my reviews at intervals, so they all came out in lumps with only little gaps where I had some random post. Nowadays I schedule ahead and have gaps in between my reviews.

Accepting over Twitter *facepalm*

In my review policy it says to only request over email. BUT a few authors have just popped up and offered review copy pdf's, and I didn't know anything about the book but accepted. Now I have two books I have to read and review... One looks okay, but the other...

Email requests

At the start, I wasn't quite sure how to request books. And I know I sounded arrogant (which I'm not), scared (which I was, but you're not supposed to sound it) or pompous (see arrogant) in the maojority. THERE WAS EVEN ONE WHERE I DIDN'T MENTION MY BLOG *facewall*

So, those are just a few bits and bobs I could have done differently. Um. The purpose of this post: try not to do these things! Yeah. 

Charli x


  1. When I first started blogging (3/4 months ago), I went overboard with requests.
    I signed up for NetGalley since February but I just started using it. I have 5 books pending and 2 on my shelf but most of them are ARCs to be released next year so I have time :D

    1. That's good! The ones I have are all Dec/Jan, but I'm getting through them :)

  2. I completely agree with you Charli, is it OK if I steal your idea and do a post like this? Of course I would mention you! I was terrible at writing review requests. I didn't even now I how to write them. But I wish I would have waited about a few months or so to get my blog started properly before requesting like mad!

    1. That's fine Erika as long as I'm mentioned! Perhaps you can make a banner for it :)

  3. I hope you don't mind but I'd like to do the same as Erika has if that's okay with you Charli? And of course, I'll given you a mention! I absolutely agree with many of your points there and there's so many things I wish I'd done differently and hopefully people can learn from that.

    I noticed what you said about requesting reviews: If you have a chance please could you tell me how I should request reviews, I've never done this before and am very uncertain as to how to do so?

    Holly x

    1. Absolutely fine! :)

      I'll try and explain to you maybe over BBM when I get a chance :) xx


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