Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Things I Am Thankful For

*Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish*

My 2nd TTT today! So, these are a mix of bookish and not... 

  1. My family: bit of an obvious one. I have a bother brother, sister and one on the way (who by the time this is actually published may have been born as this is scheduled...). I have had a, how you say, tough, childhood and yeah. Anyway, off the cliches. 
  2. BOOKS! Obvs. Ok, so, I've loved books since pretty much BIRTH. Read to, started reading pretty early, absolutely adore it (obviously or I wouldn't be book blogging :/) I mean, they take me to another world (haw-haw. see what I did there?)
  3. Tori, Bethan, Bethany and the rest of my form (including my lovely lovely form tutor/biology teacher). They are made of PURE AWESOME (and that element we found on the periodic table, Rutherfordium. And a lot of sugar. And arguments. And homework. ANYWAY). But yeah. Their support is AMAZING and although they annoy me A LOT I don't think I could love them all any less!
  4. Photography. Like my books and my blog, photography is my getaway! I love it and I'm currently doing my Silver Arts Award specialising in it, which is pretty cool. 
  5. Scouts! Again... As one of only three girls, it's hard sometimes, and the boys are CRAZY LUNATICS... but they're cool. Half of them are basically like brothers to me after like three years anyway. 
  6. The bloggy world, Twitter and my bloggy friends. Specifically Amber, Jack, Rita, Amy, Holly, Cat, Ruby, Sophie and SO MANY OTHERS! I love them all and I'm now a total twitter addict. 
  7. Music, I guess. I don't play anything, but I love listening and I do sing and rap a little bit!
  8. GUMMY BEARS AND RIBENA. Anyone who knows me knows these obsessions. 
  9. STICKY NOTES! See explanation on 8. 
  10. AND LASTLY... LIBRARIES! Cuz libraries are AMAZING. You can't beat that.

May have been teeny bit hyper whilst writing this on the 13th of November 2013. It is now the 26th, so... yeah. 

Charli x


  1. Thanks for giving me a mention! You're one of my bloggy friends as well and I love you too haha
    Congratulations if your brother or sister has been born yet! Do you know which one it will be?
    I hope you don't mind but I might do one of these myself soon

    Holly xxx

    1. No problem Holly! It hasn't been born yet... Due today!! Thanks for the comment! xx

  2. I am definitely thankful for Twitter. Its the connection to so many bloggy friends!


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