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Review: After Eden

Eden Anfield loves puzzles, so when mysterious new boy Ryan Westland shows up at her school she's hooked. On the face of it, he's a typical American teenager. So why doesn't he recognise pizza? And how come he hasn't heard of Hitler? What puzzles Eden the most, however, is the interest he's taking in her.

As Eden starts to fall in love with Ryan, she begins to unravel his secret. Her breakthrough comes one rainy afternoon when she stumbles across a book in Ryan's bedroom - a biography of her best friend - written over fifty years in the future. Confronting Ryan, she discovers that he is there with one unbelievably important purpose ... and she might just have destroyed his only chance of success

Author: Helen Douglas
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Date of Publication: 7th November 2013
Pages: 288
Source: Review copy from the publisher
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I received a free, advance copy of this book from Bloomsbury in exchange for a honest review. This does not affect my review/opinions in any way. Thank you Bloomsbury! 

Before I say anything, please admire the cover. Isn't it beautiful?! It may be a favourite cover of the year, this one! After Eden follows Eden, who meets a boy who seems just a little bit mysterious. She finds out many different points before she manages to figure out the puzzle, and has to do something about it.

My key point about this book is how unique it is. It's a time-travel contemporary with that added splash of romance, and a subtle love-triangle!The beginning prologue simply pulls you in, and the rest of the book doesn't disappoint.

Personally, I loved the characters in the book. Flawlessly formed, I knew their personalities, their pasts, everything about them, and I couldn't resist falling for both Ryan and Connor! I think given the choice, I'd go for Connor though! ;) The reason why we know so much about them is because when they are introduced, lots of subtle details are added in and I loved this. Particularly, the introduction of Ryan, which isn't actually when he comes into the story. The author included pieces of conversations about him, subtly making a slight mystery about him, which continues throughout the most part of the book: "'He's Canadian"..."He's South African"'. 

For the duration of the book, there is a lot of description. It's descriptive through everything; action, thoughts and emotions, but it somehow still manages not to overpower the balance of "description, dialogue and action" that a lot of books don't have. My favourite chunk of description was when they were at the Eden Project. The description made you feel like you were there, and even if I hadn't been there before I know I would have still felt like that.

"He walked ahead of me, up the path, through 
the lush green foliage and sultry air."

Following on from that point, I loved the relationship developments of both Eden and Ryan, and Eden and Connor. Connor being the friend... Or is he? (That wasn't a spoiler by the way). The description following the development of the relationships was immaculate and I wanted to finish the book just to find out the outcome!

As I mentioned before, there is a slight love triangle. It worked really well; it wasn't too forceful compared to other books, but it was still one of the main themes of the book if that makes sense! The love triangle mixes with the relationship developments to form an extremely well-written romance.

So, as you can tell, I absolutely adored this book and I didn't think I could find a flaw. The characters, description and relationships are all perfectly done, and I loved it.

Charli x


  1. This sounds awesome, I've added it to my goodreads! I really want to get this soon, I think I can get it as an ebook on amazon or something. Anyway, amazing review, as always Charli. :')

    - Happy Reading xo

    1. Yay! I hope you enjoy it and thanks!

  2. Wow, so it sounds like Ryan is a bit of a time traveller? Ooh I like that! The mixture of time travel and contemporary, teen romance; sounds awesome!
    The cover is rather pretty, I like the triangle web type thing going on.
    Glad you enjoyed it Charli and fantastic review!

    1. Ooh... Perhaps... It is amazing and I adore the cover! Thank you Zoe!! :D


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