Saturday, November 30, 2013

Monthly Round-Up: November

This month was awful! I flopped on Review-A-Thon and the amount of green (no post) on my schedule is horrendous. But none the less! 

Reviews this month...

The Sentinel- Holly Martin

The Soterion Mission- Stewart Ross

After Eden- Helen Douglas

The Memory Game- Sharon Sant

In A Jam and Boot Camp Blues- Megan Sparks

Finding Cherokee Brown- Siobhan Curham 

Other stuff I did...

This month has been majorly hectic, but HOPEFULLY now it'll calm down in the way of schoolwork, so there should be more in December, plus Christmassy stuff!

Charli x


  1. Six reviews isn't bad! And you had lots of other posts going on too. I really need to do Amber's TMI tag, but I'm scared of all the editing involved....

    1. Thanks! And it did take a while but it was really fun to do :) Thanks Debbie!


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