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Double Review: In A Jam and Boot Camp Blues

"Annie and Tyler are going out! OK, he can be a bit controlling sometimes, but Annie's never had a boyfriend before so she assumes that's what they're like. Her roller derby team, the Liberty Belles, are in top position in the league – but are they getting over-confident? Annie misses a few practice sessions so she can spend time with Tyler. As punishment, she gets left on the bench at a big bout. The whole team needs to refocus – especially Annie."- Curious Fox site (IN A JAM).

Author: Megan Sparks
Publisher: Curious Fox
Date of Publication: September 2013
Series: Roller Girls 3/4
Pages: 192/208
Source: Review copies from the publisher
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I received a free copy of these books from Curious Fox in exchange for a honest review. This does not affect my review/opinions in any way. Thank you Curious Fox, Team Fox Assemble! 

If you saw my double review of the first two books, you'll know that I absolutely adore these books and am a diehard jesseXannie shipper (Jessie? Annse? I don't know), so I devoured these two books within about two hours without even a pause. In In A Jam, Annie and Tyler start going out and Annie makes some bad decisions, before realising her mistakes. In A Jam begins with an action start where her and Lexie are at a football game, which sets the atmosphere for the book.

I didn't like In A Jam quite as much as the other three books, and I think this is because the author is trying to set the essence for the last book and we get quite a lot of hints, clues and development for the next book, which is great but at points slightly overwhelmed what the book itself is about, as each book is different. That probably made no sense, but I hope you vaguely know what I mean.

Annie's emotions are very clear throughout all of the books, though particularly these last two. I love how Annie compares her own situation to the characters in Jane Austen's books that she is studying in her English class. There is description in the books, too, but as it's a contemporary it isn't very heavy, but it works!

Two quotes I really liked that particularly reflected Annie's character in the last two books of this amazing series are:

" 'Sorry,' Annie apologized again. She was good at that."

"...Lexie giggled. 'I guess you can take the girl out of England 
but you can't take the England out of the girl.' "

So, as you know, I absolutely adore this series and really wish there were more books, but it doesn't appear that there are going to be (everyone: booo!!!). I love them and hope you will read them too!!

Charli x

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