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Author Spotlight: Casandra (Loving.And.Awkward)

Casandra, AKA Loving.And.Awkward on Fanfiction.net, writes my favourite fanfiction ever, The Luxury of Knowing. Her life-long goal is to be interviewed, and as her idol reader, I was happy to fulfil! You can find her on fanfiction here, The Luxury of Knowing here and follow her on Twitter @LovingAwkward

The Luxury of Knowing Synopsis: "There are two types of secrets. The kind you want to keep in and the kind you don't dare let go." Peeta and Katniss are married with two children, Hope and Hunter, who know nothing about the Hunger Games. But all the changes when Hope finds 75 tapes. Follow Hope, Hunter, Finnick and Tessa as they watch the tapes and find out the secrets their parents have been keeping from them. (credit to Casandra).

I loved interviewing her and I hope you enjoy her answers, even if you never read fanfiction!

Hey Casandra! *hands a plate of various cakes* Welcome to To Another World. Can you tell me and my readers a little about you, and your fanfictions, particularly The Luxury of Knowing? 

Hey Charli! *takes a delicious looking cake* Thank you so much for having me! A little about myself... Let's see... Well, as you all know, my name is Casandra, and I'm a 17 year old girl from Canada. I'm in my last year of high school, with no clue what I want to do after I finish, and I'm a figure skater.
The Luxury of Knowing is my baby. It's a Hunger Games story that takes place 20 years after Mockingjay and it follows Katniss' and Peeta's kids, Hope and Hunter, Annie's son, Finnick, and Johanna's daughter, Tessa, as they find out about their parents past by watching the Hunger Games tapes.

How did you get into writing, particularly Fanfiction?
It was actually really late at night, about 4 years ago to get specific, and I was watching some fan-made Twilight videos on YouTube when I find out about FanFiction. I accidentally clicked the link to someones FanFic account and started reading their story. I never thought I would start writing myself, I just enjoyed reading. Then, one day, I thought "Hey, why not try and write something" and I did. My first story was a Twilight story - which I took down long ago! - and I updated every night. Now, even though I don't update every night, I love writing even more and I can't get enough of it!

The Luxury of Knowing follows some of the Victor's children discovering The Hunger Games, which sounds, to an average reader, like a cliche sort of fanfiction story. Is there a reason you decided on this particular theme?

I love stories where characters watch their movie/show - like the Harry Potter characters watch the Harry Potter movies for example. Really, I just woke up one morning and thought "What if Katniss' and Peeta's kids found all the tapes of the Hunger Games?". I had the story planned out for months. I had what tapes the kids would watch, who was going to be apart of the story, where the teens would be when they watched the tapes, if the parents knew, everything was planned out. But, in the back of my mind, I couldn't stop thinking about how cliche the idea sounded, and that stopped me from actually starting to write. Then, about three months after I got the idea, I told my sister - who isn't a big Hunger Games fan - about the story and she loved it and told me to start writing. So really, you all have my sister to thank for this story being put up, haha!

You write very well, I absolutely love your writing style, as you know. Do you have a particular way you like to write? (Places, with food, drafting, etc). 

A: Why thank-you very much! I am very... I guess you can say picky, with what's around me when I'm writing. I have to be sitting at my desk and I have, what's call, The Luxury of Knowing Playlist on repeat in the background. And I need to have my giant, black and white water bottle, filled with water, next to me at all times!

How did you come up with your character names and backgrounds? They're all very vivid. 

A: It was actually a lot harder coming up with names for these characters, compared to my other stories. I always knew Katniss' and Peeta's daughter was going to be named Hope and Annie's son would be Finnick. Me and my sister argued all the time about Hunter's and Tessa's name. Hunter was Mitch for weeks until I changed it and Tessa was, and still is really, Robyn. Their backgrounds however, came easy. I just knew how they grew up and how they would act, their likes and dislikes. I sat down for a day and just wrote out all their backgrounds. And I'm still adding things to this day!
Fun fact: James, who as people know, is Johanna's 'husband' and Tessa's father, was the Victory of the 64th Hunger Games at first. I had his whole background done up, and I still have it. In the end, I just felt like we need someone in the mix who wasn't in the Games and was in the same boat as the kids with the fact that he can't fully understand how Johanna and the others feel.

Now for some fun questions! :)

I ask all my authors this question! You're stuck on an island, what three  items do you take? (And because I've learnt from experience of you creative types, you are stuck! Nothing that can help you get off!!)

Oh good god... Haha! I would have to say my sister - so I have some to bug and talk too - my laptop if I could get it solar-powered because my laptop is my LIFE and an endlessly supply of Hershey's Cookies & Cream bars!

Who are your favourite authors? 

J.K. Rowling, definitely, Suzanne Collins and Sarah Dessen.

Favourite ice-cream flavour/type? 

I am IN LOVE with Cookies & Cream ice-cream!

And lastly, some this or that... 

Ice-cream or chocolate? Ice-cream, no questions asked!
Books or fanfiction? Now that's a hard one... I'll have to say books, only because without books, we really wouldn't have FanFiction.
Twitter or facebook? Twitter, definitely!

Thank you to Casandra for taking time to do this interview with me! I love her fanfiction and she's absolutely lovely, so check out her and her fanfic! Links in the introduction box :) 
Charli x

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