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Double Review: Falling Hard and Hell's Belles PLUS Character Quiz

Ladies, get your glam and your skates on!
After Annie Turner's parents split up, she thought moving to the USA with her dad would be an exciting new start. But she's struggling to git in. For a start, the most popular girl at school hates her! Things finally begin to look up when Annie discovers the wild sport of roller derby and a whole underground scene she'd never even known existed. And then there's Tyler, a green-eyed football player who literally makes Annie want to drool in public...

Author: Megan Sparks
Publisher: Curious Fox Books
Date of Publication:  July 2012
Pages: 192
Series: Roller Girls #1+#2
Source: For review- Team Fox Assemble :D
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Hell's Belles Amazon  

I was sent these books for review from Curious Fox in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my review. 

Falling Hard and Hell's Belles are the first two books in the Roller Girls' series about a girl named Annie who has to move to the USA with her dad. She discovers roller derby and meets lots of new people!

The books are contemporary reads that are short, sweet and exciting! I read both books in about two hours flat, and didn't get bored at all. The author flawlessly forms the characters and gives them backgrounds without even really having to describe them, you can just tell by reading about them and their personalities. 

I loved the fact that Annie kept to some of her British roots whilst adapting to her new American lifestyle. She dressed the same, talked the same and didn't feel the need to take on a faux accent and change her personality. Another thing I really enjoyed was the development and beauty of Annie and her dad's relationship. They were really close and I loved that; most teenage girls are closer to their mums.If anything, Annie disliked her mum and was influenced by her as a strict mother.

"Dad roller his eyes and gave an exasperated sigh. "Girls. Always want to look their best. Annie mimicked him. "Dads. Always in a hurry." " 

My favourite character was definitely Lexie! She balanced Annie out, and was just generally awesome. Arty and quirky, she didn't care at all about what people thought or society in general. 
The books aren't too stereotypical, though they have the typical cheerleader-bullying scenario; but I liked this and wanted to see where Kelsey went with it. I normally hate stereotypes, but the one in these books totally worked for me. The fact that roller derby compared to cheerleading, where at cheerleading everyone was "slim and pretty", but at roller derby there were all sizes and shapes, make the contrast in the book more outed.

I think perhaps I would have liked some of the book to be in diary form, so we got an insight more into Annie's feelings. However, we could see them anyway, so this doesn't particularly matter; it's just one of the things I'm picky about!

When roller derby was explained in detail, I thought I would be bored and uninterested into how it worked, and would just want to see where it went. But, I didn't! It intrigued me and I longed for the scenes where the derbies and scrimmages took place. 

So, overall, the first two books in this series are amazing and I definitely want to read it. But before I leave you to do my (if I say so myself) awesome quiz, not-really-a-spoiler but blacked out anyway (drag over to see) WHY ARE JESSE AND ANNIE NOT TOGETHER YET?

QUIZ! Which character are you? 

.     1. You’re invited to a party as…

a)      Artist who paints all the banners! But you say no, because it’s for the populars.

b)      The New Girl

c)       It’s my party, durrr.

2.       At school, your friends are…

a)      Cool, friendly, quirky, like my art.

b)      Cool, different, like roller derby!

c)       I have followers, not friends. *hair flick*

3.       Who are the populars?

a)      Stupid, annoying haters who only like themselves and don’t care at all.

b)      A few are stupid and mean but one of the boys is Hot with a capital H.

c)       ME!

4.       Roller derby is…

a)      Awesome! I couldn’t play it but I love to watch and contradict the cheerleader’s “slim, pretty and smile” policy.

b)      Awesome! I’d love to play/ play for my team! It’s so cool!

c)       What?!

5. Describe yourself in one word

a)      Arty

b)      Average

c)       AMAZING, POPULAR, PERFECT. Wait, one word?!

MOSTLY A’s: You are Lexie! You love art and being different.

MOSTLY B’s: You are Annie! Sport is awesome and you think you’re an OK person.

MOSTLY C’s: You are Kelsey. Popular and perfect, you’re slightly vain and love cheerleading.


  1. I'm Lexie according to the test! ;)

  2. Great Review Charli! I really like the sound of this. I like that it was different, quirky and fun. It's good the stereotypes were done well because I hate when they aren't. 2 hours, wow! They must have been good.

    1. They are amazing! I hate stereotypes, normally. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Fantastic reviews, Charli. I've seen a lot of love for these books around the blogosphere and although I'm not sure I can forgive the steroetyping, I'm really intrigued by the way parental relationships are dealt with in the series. More reviews like these soon, please! ;)


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