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Review: Rooted PLUS Author Spotlight: Amy Good

Chloe Chastain is not just an average teenage girl living in the Pacific Northwest. She's also a tree spirit doing her best to avoid the local werewolf pack and not fail her sophomore year of high school. Or get stuck in detention. Again. So when her friend is turned into a werewolf and she attracts a dangerous stalker, Chloe realizes there is more at stake than her permanent record.

Author: Amy Good
Chapters: 15
Source: Downloaded for FREE!!! (More info later.)

I loved this book, I'll say that straight out. It's like a cross between Need and Shiver, but it's unique, too. It smashes stereo-types about wolves, spirits and even cliques. This book... Well, lets just safely say that this review will probably contain a lot of fangirling.

Ok, so firstly, I absolutely ADORE the cover of Rooted. It's purely beautiful! It's mysterious, so you want to find out what the relations are between the cover and the book. The first few chapters seem pretty uneventful, though further in the book you do realise bits of it are significant.

I imagine Amy must have had a lot of fun with the fact that Chloe works in an ice-cream shop. This is one of my favourite little passages from it, even though it doesn't have any action or anything like that:

"Cameron, the owner’s daughter, walked from the back room to help me. She made the espresso shot while I scooped coffee-flavored ice cream into a large bowl shaped like a coffee mug. I added chocolate-covered coffee beans, hazelnut and chocolate syrups, and enough whipped cream to send a person into a diabetic coma. She poured the espresso shot around the edges of the whipped cream and followed it with a sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg." - personally, I hate coffee, but this makes it sound awesome! All the other ice creams that are described in Rooted sound awesome, too! And there names! The one above is the Express Yourself, which is an awesome pun.

I mentioned before that Rooted is way different from stereotypes. I'm a person who HATES stereotypes,  because I hate people being carbon copies and not having their own mind. Grayson is a werewolf, and Chloe is a tree spirit, but they're not like in other movies, books etc. "He didn’t look like werewolves from books or movies. He never sported a five o’clock shadow or hairy arms. He wasn’t all that tall or menacing. I’d never seen him glower." Grayson actually seems like quite a nice guy, a proper gentleman, when the wolf is under control! Rooted also shows us about typical cliques... I hated Lillian, Margot and the other brainless sheets in their clique!

Even though it's about a werewolf and a tree spirit, where there are a lot of problems around, I love how Chloe's character is still a very typical teen girl. When she and Rebecca are in tons of trouble, running away, getting hurt, what does she do? Think about her geometry test. Or was it English?

Chloe is slightly judgemental of others, probably due to the fact that she doesn't know if they are werewolves or spirits too. She always seems to analyse Rebecca's shirts, which made me laugh!

Rooted doesn't have a lot of romance in it, but I think if it had got a romance in it, it would have taken the action and slight mystery out of the story, and it would just be yet another werewolf romance book, not the perfect book that it is. However, there are a few cute interactions between Grayson and Chloe... I ship them so much now!

Overall, Rooted is just awesomely amazing ASDFGHJKL perfect. Beautiful, thought-provoking, well-formed characters and a perfect balance of action, mystery, drama and typical teenage stuff. I loved it, and I'm sure you will too... Because you can get it FREE, here!

I am a writer from the U.S. currently living in Dublin. I write part-time, but only when my tyrannical toddler allows it! I also co-created the Story Bandit, a phone/web app that steals writer's block. When I'm not writing, I tweet about the joys and troubles of being a writer, a geek, a toddler mom and a non-native Dubliner. I really hope you like what you read and will consider stopping by occasionally!

Thank you for coming on To Another World for this interview, Amy! 

As you can see from my review and all my fangirling, I absolutely LOVE Rooted. Where did you get your inspiration for it? 

It makes me so unbelievably happy that you loved Rooted!!  Thank you so much!  As for how I got the idea, it came out of a few things.  First and most importantly, I watched a marathon of MTV's Teen Wolf and by the end, I knew I wanted to write a story about werewolves!  I knew I wanted to fill the world with lots of different shapeshifters, though, and to give the female protagonist something different and unique and something I hadn't seen before.  I was missing the Pacific Northwest, so that became part of the story, and I knew that I wanted to I wanted my protagonist to reflect my love of that place!  Around the same time, I had read a news story about an orphaned girl who had been bullied so badly she'd committed suicide, and somehow her story became part of Rooted.  And after having my daughter, I found myself wanting to explore how much harder it is to be a teen right now, as opposed to when I was that age!  Because let's face it… you guys have things so much tougher!!  

You JUST started a YouTube channel. Why is that? Is it because of people like me reading Rooted, or just some fun to do? 

I've heard the idea kicked around a lot  - that writers should differentiate themselves and break into YouTube.  But I honestly didn't know what to put on it!  I tried reading passages out loud, but I sound atrocious.  It's like I'm reading off the grocery list.  I can't believe I can sound so horrible with words I wrote myself!!  So I noticed I've been getting questions, and I decided I'd just open up a bit and talk to everybody instead.  How do you think it's working so far? 

Your last chapter almost killed me! Why did you end like that?? 

Um..  Because I wanted to??  ;)  Gosh, how do I answer this question?   I felt like the main story got wrapped up!  I resolved the question of what happened to Lillian, and why Margot was doing what she did.  I let Chloe confront her stalker and find out who really had her back.  I even let you in on all kinds of family and foster family secrets!  I know I left a few loose ends, but that's because I'm working on some short stories to give my readers a bit more fun in Chloe's world!! 

The all important question.... Is there a sequel coming up? 

Of course!  I don't know when I'll finish it, but I'm working on it!! J And to tide everyone over until then, I've also been writing those short stories I mentioned.   Don't worry, I'll let everyone know once they're finished! 

There isn't much romance in Rooted. Is there a specific reason for this, or....? 

I know, right! ;)  A lot of the people who've read it so far want there to be more romance, but it just didn't fit into the story and I didn't want to shove it in for the sake of having a love story.  Rooted is really about friendship in the end, and it didn't feel right to clutter it up with a romance too.  Also, if you think about, Chloe is understandably pretty wary of boys so I didn't think she'd be rushing into a relationship before getting to know the boy first! 

Now for some fun questions! 

My signature author interview question. What three items would you take on a desert island, and they CAN'T be anything that helps you get off, because I know you author types. You are STUCK on it. 

My husband and my Kiddo!!  And the internet.  I'm pretty sure I could live on a desert island as long as I have internet!  Otherwise, how will anyone read my books? 

Role model/person you look up to the most?  I look up to a lot of women authors, from J.K. Rowling to Janet Evanovich.  I tell myself I need to be as brave as they've been in pursuing their dreams! 

Favourite pudding?  Do you mean the British pudding or the American pudding?  Because I've seen some of the things they call pudding in this part of the world… And… Well… Pass!  ;) 

Do you like bagels? (Don't ask. I just love them, so I wondered!)  When I lived in the U.S. I could get gluten-free bagels and I loved them so much!  But I can't find them here in Ireland and since I've been diagnosed with celiac, I won't risk a real bagel. 

Favourite book??? Kindred, by Octavia Butler, is a really heavy book - not for the faint of heart - but it spoke to me in a really powerful way.  It's instantly the book I think of as my favourite! 

And a few this or that questions... 

Typing or pen and paper?  Usually typing because I can't go very far without a thesaurus.  You've seen my YouTube videos, so you've seen all my awkward pauses while I search for what I'm trying to say.  Now imagine that 100 times worse when I'm trying to write in Chloe's voice!!  Yep, a pen and paper doesn't cut it anymore. 

Tea or coffee? It used to be tea,  but now I drink so much coffee just to keep up with Kiddo! 

Ebook or physical copy?  I've formed an unhealthy relationship with my Kindle, so I'd have to say ebook!!  

Thank you so much for this interview Amy! 





AND get Rooted for your computer, Kindle, Nook... HERE!! (DO IT. YOU WILL NO REGRET IT!

So there you are guys! This has to be my favourite post EVER. Hope you enjoyed this bumper post, I certainly did! :D

Charli x 


  1. Thank you Charli!! You wrote a really great and fair review, and I really appreciate it! Thank you so much!!!!! :)

    1. Thank you for being so awesome! :D

      Charli x

  2. Like I said.....pushing this up my TBR!! You make me want to read it right this instant!!!

  3. I can't wait to read your book, girl! I'm in the middle of reading a bunch of books for a work related situation, but when I am free of that, ROOTED is at the top of my list!!

    I am gluten free too!! ((fist bump))

  4. Amy, that was an awesome interview! Charli, you rock! I have read ROOTED and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough, For anyone who hasn't read ROOTED, what are you waiting for?

    1. Thank you so much! It's absolutely amazing!! I adored it, as you can see. Can't wait for the sequel!



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