Thursday, August 08, 2013

My Summer Reading Smackdown Chosen Books!


So, everyone who participates in the Smackdown has to do a sign-up post, but as I am the co-host, I figure instead I should just tell you guys the books I am reading for it...

  • Read a book you’ve been meaning to read for ages and review on your blog: What's Left of Me- Kat Zhang (I'm buddy-reading this with Ruby, so I'm killing two birds with one stone!)(DONE: REVIEW HERE)
  • Read one recommendation and review it on your blog: Ketchup Clouds- Annabel Pitcher (DONE: REVIEW HERE)
  • Write a paragraph in the POV of your favourite character and share: I'm not sure yet, but I have a few in mind! (DONE OF FANFICTION.NET: READ HERE)
  • Read a book from each of these genres… (and you can do a few sentences for these on one post if you want instead of reviewing!)
  1. Dystopian: Delirium- Lauren Oliver (DONE: REVIEW HERE)
  2. Contemporary: Ketchup Clouds- Annabel Pitcher (DONE: REVIEW HERE)
  3. Romance: An Abundance of Katherines- John Green (DONE: REVIEW HERE)
  4. Fantasy: Rooted- Amy Good (DONE: REVIEW HERE)

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