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Author Spotlight: Nina Smith

Nina Smith has been writing fiction from a very young age, and has no intention of stopping. She writes thrillers and fantasy novels, with a little scifi thrown in here and there. In her spare time she is a theatrical bellydancer, costume designer and custodian of thirty grouchy chickens.

Welcome to To Another World, Nina!

Hailstone, your debut novel, looks intriguing! What was your inspiration for it?

 A lot of little things conspired to become Hailstone, but most of all I was intrigued with the idea of what forms rebellion might take in an adult woman. For example, as a teenager in an oppressive environment, a girl might rebel by staying out late, maybe smoking or hanging out with people she's not supposed to. At 30, the stakes are much higher and there are bigger rules to be broken, so things like blackmail, kidnap and murder might top the list instead.

"It's not easy being a pill-popping atheist alcoholic lesbian..." Why did you decide to write about these sort of themes?

People handle stress in many different ways, and my character Mags McAllister is coping with an enormous amount of it. I have observed thoughout my life many, many people resorting to addictions - whether substances, ideologies or behaviours - to give themselves an outlet, so it felt right to me that she would be addicted to a number of things. I also wanted her to be everything her father's church was not, and explore that feeling of being alone in a crowd, because it is something many, many people can relate to.

From what I can see, you write thriller/sci-fi sort of novels. Are there any other genres you like to read, or would like to attempt?

I actually love experimenting in different genres. I write thrillers when I need to ground myself in the real world, but I am a big fantasy fan. I am currently working on a fantasy series that is a lot of fun. I hope to bring the first book out sometime next year.

You say you are a belly-dancer. Why did you begin this particular hobby?

I've been belly dancing on and off since I was 16, but have really dedicated myself to it in the last six years. Dancing and writing are my two passions in life.

You are also home to 30 chickens! How do you take care of them all?

I feed them and keep up their water and make sure they're safe from foxes, but for the most part they're pretty self sufficient, they spend all their time wandering the yard and scratching. I grew up around chickens, and don't feel right if there's not some feathered activity in the yard. Plus having a ready supply of eggs is awesome.

And now for some fun questions to help us learn a little more about you!

I ask every author who comes on TAW this! If you were stuck on a desert island, which three items would you take? (And, because I learnt from you creative types this, you can't take anything that helps you get off. You are stuck!)

I would have to take the internet to keep me amused, some seeds to keep me in food and a shimmy belt! 

Who's your role model? Amanda Palmer. She is awesome.

Favourite hobby? Bellydancing!

Favourite food? Curry.

Favourite book? The Paradise Papers by Merlin Stone.

And just a couple of This Or That questions to round it off!

Typing or paper? Typing
Water or juice? Water
Writing or reading? Both!!! Okay, writing.

Thank you so much for this interview!

Connect with Nina on Facebook and her website.

Charli x

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