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Review: Casting Shadows

Flynn is making every effort to stay in control of his hot temper, while River feels more content than she's ever been. Together, the two make big plans for the future, but powerful secrets are lucking in the shadows, ready to threaten their happiness... - Blurb  
Author: Sophie McKenzie
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Pages: 278
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 I read this in about 45 minutes. As the third Falling Fast book, it carries on the series beautifully and deals with many issues.

A few of the issues the book deals with are: betrayal, heartbreak, LGBT, bullying and family issues. Normally, a book only has one or two of these things, as in a usual book it makes the book overcrowded and full of depression! But Sophie McKenzie made it possible- the book's essence is light and summery whilst being realistically showing the issues and River's feelings.

There are some chapter where I would love to read Flynn's point of view, such as the group counselling session and when the very, very drunk Emmi told him about "Slug Tongue" and her and James' "2-second kiss". I can imagine it: thoughts all over the place, anger pulsing... Although they would be interesting to read, they, even with Sophie McKenzie's talent, would probably be quite messy and hard to write if you wanted to properly reflect his anger in those scenes.

I think with any more, it would have been too much and go too fast. But the author made it just right!

If you haven't read Falling Fast and Burning Bright, it's best if you read those first, but unlike most books, you could just get away with not doing so; unlike many sequels, it subtley explains the minor details you need to know.

So, overall, this book is everything a girly summer read really needs... romance, drama and some action to add that hint of excitement.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect Summer read! :) Great review

    Erika @

  2. My sister's friend loves this series! She cat wait to read this one and see how the romance develops. So glad you liked it, because I'm a great fan of Sophie McKenzie, especially her Missing series. Great review! :)

    1. Thanks! She's my favourite author. Missing is my favourite, but I also like Blood Ties and her more romantic series', this one and the Luke and Eve series. She's amazing.


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